New Great American Family/Pure Flix Movie Relies on Faith to Solve Mysteries

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New Great American Family/Pure Flix Movie Relies on Faith to Solve Mysteries

By Movieguide Contributor

A new faith-based mystery movie is coming to Pure Flix and Great American Family Network at the end of this month.

THE ABIGAIL MYSTERIES, directed by Brittany Goodwin, stars Ansley Gordon, Bret Green, and Karen Abercrombie of the Movieguide® Award-winning WAR ROOM. 

A trailer from the GAF’s Facebook page shares, “A podcast detective solves mysteries with a little help from above.” The video shows Abby Brooks as she looks inquisitively at clues and searches through her Bible for answers.

IMDb gives a short synopsis of the movie: “It follows Abby Broukes, who is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her baby and divorce. She moves back to her hometown and gets wrapped up in a mystery surrounding the death of her eccentric neighbor.” 

One of the main characters in the film is Poppa, who is Abby’s grandfather.  He is a preacher at her church who gives wise advice throughout the film.  Pure Flix Insider shares some important lessons he presents throughout the film. One of these lessons is “God’s love is endless.”

“In one of the first scenes, when Abby is unpacking boxes in her new house, she comes across her Bible that Poppa gave her. He wrote this note to her inside the front flap: ‘You are more loved than you could ever know.’ What a gift to know this statement is true for each and every one of us! Poppa’s inscription reminds us that God loves us without end. Because His grace and mercy are so boundless, we know that no matter what we do, no matter our sins, if we repent, God will always forgive us. His love knows no ends.” 

Another important lesson that Poppa shares in the movie is “God desires a relationship with you.” Pure Flix Insider quotes Poppa in the film. “If you look through the books of the Bible, you’ll see that God created unique relationships with each of the authors. There’s an intimacy, a safety, trust. And God wants that with you too! For you to really know Him and to really trust Him with His plan.” This speaks to Abby since she had a troublesome few recent years, and helps to encourage her faith. 

THE ABIGAIL MYSTERIES will be available on both Pure Flix and Great American Family Network July 30.