Parents Want Less Sex and F-Words in PG-13 Movies

 Parents Want Less Sex and F-Words in PG-13 Movies

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

November 1st marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA). With their anniversary just days away, MPAA released their “50th Anniversary Report” that contains a survey about what parents are concerned about.

According to the survey, parents want to shelter their children from sex, nudity, and violence. Over 1,500 parents were asked two questions about content concerns with the first question being, “How concerned are you with the content…appearing in movies your child would see?” The answers show that graphic sex scenes top the list at 79%, with toilet humor being lower on the totem pole at 28%. Right under graphic sex, 69% of polled parents were concerned about female nudity, while 67% were concerned with drugs, and 60% with violence.

As for the second question, the MPAA asked, “Based on your experience with the PG-13 rating, how do you feel about the amount of … currently in the PG13 rating?” 47% of parents felt that the F-word, graphic sex scenes and female nudity was “too much” in PG-13 movies.

When Movieguide® first started, the landscape of acceptable family-friendly content was low, with most movies being R-rated, and very few family-friendly movies coming out. Thirty years later however, things are so different. In fact, did you know that last year, movies with Christian and Biblical messages outperformed movies with anti-Christian messages by over 500%!

Please know that Movieguide® is your ally in this fight for uplifting entertainment. We work directly with Hollywood to advocate for seeing more faith and values in movies. It’s not enough to have MPAA ratings that warn us of bad content. We want to see people make wise media decisions, to choose the good over the bad and encourage Hollywood to actually make the good, rather than the bad.