Pastor Rick Warren Encourages U2 to “Choose Joy”


Pastor Rick Warren Encourages U2 to “Choose Joy”

by Moriah Dee, Contributing Writer


U2’s tour manager of 33 years, Dennis Sheehan, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, May 27th. Dennis had been traveling with the band since 1982 after having worked with Led Zeppelin and Patti Smith. The band was heartbroken with the news of his passing and asked Pastor Rick Warren to come and pray with them before they took the stage that night in Los Angeles, California.

Sheehan passed away on Wednesday night in a hotel in West Hollywood after going into cardiac arrest. He was a beloved member of the U2 family and is described as a “calm and kind Christian man” by Pastor Rick Warren, the author of The Purpose Driven Life.

Bono released a statement on the band’s website the same day saying, “We’ve lost a family member.”

Prior to their show at The Forum arena in California, Pastor Rick Warren shared some encouraging words with the band. Pastor Warren says in an article on Facebook that he used the opportunity to share scripture with the band and used the testimony from his son’s death in 2013 along with his wife’s book on the same topic to encourage them to “Choose Joy” even in their times of grief. He explained to the band that it is possible to choose joy that comes from God in order to continue on through their heart break. Pastor Warren also encouraged the band to release their grief so that God could heal their hearts. Right before the concert, Pastor Warren prayed with the band and asked them how they can go and do a concert while their hearts are hurting, to which Bono replied, “We choose joy!”

The band dedicated their concert and their entire tour to the beloved tour manager that night before singing their last song “40” which was inspired by Psalms 40.

Bono says that their tour manager, “Wasn’t just a legend in the music business, he was a legend in our band. He is irreplaceable.”

While the band continues their tour after this tragic loss, Pastor Warren encourages people to keep the members of U2 along with Dennis’ wife Pam in prayer.


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