People’s Choice Awards


People’s Choice Awards

By Evy Baehr, associate editor of MOVIEGUIDE®

The People’s Choice Awards is where the people’s voice is heard, where they vote for the winner. This touched many of the hearts of the honoree award receivers, including Melissa McCarthy, who teared up when talking about how she got to do what she is doing, because of the people. Quirky as usual, Johnny Depp agreed, saying that he loves the fans.

When Sandra Bullock got up to receive her award, she told a lovely story about her son asking where she was going, when she said she was getting an award, he said he wanted an award for being in the films that she took of him on her iPhone. When she told him he would have to be grateful for the award, and say something nice, he said he wants to “thank the world, and thank the planet.” So, Sandra wanted to thank the world, and thank the planet for watching her movies and giving her a wonderful career.

Not only did Sandra and Melissa tear up, the buff man Vin Diesel himself teared up, thinking of his good friend Paul Walker passing, saying, that love was what got them through the tragedy. Vin Diesel went on to sing the popular song “It’s been a long day without you my friend, and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again”… but then the awards crew cued the music to move Vin Diesel along.

That about wraps up the parts of the People’s Choice Awards that not only choked up the actors, but also the people.