PIXAR IN REAL LIFE Is Hilarious and Family Friendly

Screenshot via Pixar IRL – Official Trailer | Disney+ | Start Streaming Nov. 12 on YouTube

PIXAR IN REAL LIFE Is Hilarious and Family Friendly

By Stephanie Speck

PIXAR IN REAL LIFE is a Disney+ original series that brings Pixar characters and moments into real life settings. Filmed on location in New York City and surrounding areas, the program surprises everyday people by bringing them face-to-face with some of their favorite Pixar movies. The series consists of 10 short episodes that range between 4-6 minutes. Disney+ will likely release new episodes in the future.

INSIDE OUT, TOY STORY, UP, and WALL-E are just a few of the Pixar movies with characters featured.

In Washington Square Park, New Yorkers discover an authentic console from INSIDE OUT, which can mysteriously be used to change people’s emotions. Elsewhere in Manhattan, young women are shocked when WALL-E pops out of a box in a garbage pile. People on the street also witness a great TOY STORY escape from newly opened Al’s Toy Barn and meet with sales representatives from the Monsters, Inc. energy company. Merida from the hit movie BRAVE shows off her skills at a suburban archery range. These are just some of the hilarious and outrageous escapades that ensue in the CANDID CAMERA style program.

PIXAR IN REAL LIFE is rated TV-G. The antics that occur often surprise people and characters take the Lord’s name in vain about six times. Beyond that, there’s no other objectionable content and the series is very family friendly.

PIXAR IN REAL LIFE promotes a moral worldview that celebrates humor, laughter, and good-natured fun. The participants are able to laugh at themselves and seem to enjoy their real-life Pixar experiences. In many cases, the series focuses on the joy of helping others. Pixar characters often ask for help from people on the street. Russel (UP) asks strangers to help him earn badges by participating in silly activities. Dash (THE INCREDIBLES) asks people to time him while he quickly runs around a very large building. Individuals also have a humorous experience after agreeing to watch a balloon cart for a few minutes. In all cases, strangers are willing to help and find humor in the antics that follow. Some of the people seem unaware of the Pixar movie references, adding to the amusement of the exchange.

PIXAR IN REAL LIFE is a short, lighthearted series that promotes good, harmless fun. Families who love Pixar movies will likely enjoy this amusing series.

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