How Kirk Cameron’s Family Is Thriving During Quarantine

Photo courtesy of Kirk Cameron Instagram

How Kirk Cameron’s Family Is Thriving During Quarantine

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Kirk Cameron gave Fox News an update on how he’s been spending his time in quarantine with his family.

The GROWING PAINS actor said that while everything around him has stopped, he’s capitalizing on spending time with his family.

“Obviously everything is postponed and canceled and shut down for live events and other kinds of things but on the positive side, I spend a lot more time with our family, with my kids as a lot of parents are — it’s the blessing and a curse of spending lots of time with your family,” Cameron said.

He continued, “I’ve seen some funny memes where parents are losing their minds because they’re at home with their kids because the kids aren’t going to school, they’re at home and the kids are kind of going crazy, too, because spending time with family is not always the easiest thing to do. But it’s also a great thing.”

Cameron said he and his family have been spending time, “Playing basketball, we’re reading books, we’re making a lot of muffins.”

They’ve also spent more time outdoors camping, playing cornhole and setting up a firepit in their backyard.

Before the quarantine stay-at-home orders were issued, Cameron was on a 32-city tour called Living Room Reset.

Cameron described it as, “An inspirational live marriage and parenting conference.”

He continued, “So basically, I would travel around the country on our tour bus and we would put on concerts together with inspirational messages that would strengthen families, and we would hold these events in churches across the country.”

The tour was ultimately shut down after only making it to 20 of the cities.

The star said, “Now, we’re just waiting and in the meantime, I’m now pivoting to spend time doing other things like [the COVID-19 Benefit Concert] Hope Rising [and] like every night at 6 p.m., I’m trying to pray with the nation on Facebook and Instagram Live.”

“We’ve got a couple hundred-thousand people who are literally praying together for doctors and nurses and COVID patients and the economy and our leaders, everything,” he added.

Movieguide® previously reported that  Cameron and his sister Candace Cameron Bure (FULLER HOUSE) hosted the Hope Rising Benefit Concert that featured names like for KING & COUNTRY, MERCY ME and NATALIE GRANT.

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