Opera Legend Andrea Bocelli Spreads Message of Hope to 28 Million Viewers

Photo via Andrea Bocelli via YouTube

Opera Legend Andrea Bocelli Spreads Message of Hope to 28 Million Viewers

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Opera legend Andrea Bocelli’s “Music for Hope” garnered 26 million views on YouTube on Easter.

“I will cherish the emotion of this unprecedented and profound experience, of this Holy Easter which this emergency has made painful, but at the same time even more fruitful, one that will stay among my dearest memories of all time,” the Italian tenor told Fox News.

“That feeling of being at the same time alone – as we all are in the presence of the Most High – yet of expressing the voice of the prayer of millions of voices, has deeply impressed and moved me,” he said. “Love is a gift. Making it flow is the primary purpose of life itself. And I find myself once again indebted to life.”

Bocelli has been incredibly vocal about his faith over his tenured career.

“In my case, not having faith would mean living in despair. My life would be an inevitable tragedy, because life on this Earth ends with death …. Faith is a truly priceless gift that I try to maintain and deepen, and it supports me day after day,” Bocelli previously said.

It’s with that attitude that Bocelli announced he was singing for an audience of One.

“I received this invitation by the mayor of Milan and by the authorities of the church and of course I answered yes,” Bocelli told Fox. “I’m very happy to do this. Also, it’s not a performance. It’s not a concert. It’s only a prayer. I will go there to pray, and I’d like to think that everyone listening to me sing can pray with me.”

Watch the video to worship with him.

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