Remember, Repent and Renew – MayDay! 2010

The Lincoln Memorial became a backdrop May 1, 2010 from the break of dawn until 2 p.m. for leaders from every state of the country and major leaders from every sphere of influence to pray for remembrance, repentance and renewal.

Each state representative, including some famous Congressmen and Senators, opened their prayer by remembering the words of their state constitution, each of which gave glory to God for the existence of the state. Then, they went on to ask for specific repentance for un-Christian acts committed in their states, such as breaking treaties with the Indians and enslaving their fellow man. Finally, they renewed their commitment with God, asking for Him to bring revival in these dark days.

The seven spheres, or mountains, of influence in society were also addressed, such as arts and entertainment, education, business, and government. Several leaders from these fields spoke to specific areas where Christians had failed to exercise stewardship and called the church to renewed commitment to proclaiming Jesus Christ in both word and deed.

MOVIEGUIDE® Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr had the chance to captain the Arts and Entertainment prayer group.

“I was deeply impressed,” he said, “that, as our group finished, everyone was looking at the Lincoln Memorial because it appeared to be a Technicolor display of the Glory of God, with clouds forming a Shekinah Glory radiance emanating from behind the Lincoln Memorial over the Capitol.”

Businessman James Walchle noted: “God starts out by using a just a few with a clean heart and a repentant heart. He will show His Glory when no man is taking credit for it. When His finger wrote in the sky by showing us the 13 Clouds pointing towards the Lincoln Memorial in a sun burst shape, I knew it was a new day for this country. How appropriate for Abraham Lincoln’s Great Great Grandson to be at that location at that time. Those who could see the hand of God stood and pointed and cried out to God in thanksgiving.”

Many people came to be part of the May Day event. Others coming to the Lincoln Memorial got caught up in the event. This provided “wonderful opportunities for evangelism,” Dr. Baehr said.

Unlike most days of prayer, there were not a lot of speeches, he added. Rather, the day was devoted to heartfelt fervent prayer. MOVIEGUIDE® hopes that there has been a breakthrough, that the curses over the American nation have been broken, and that revival is at hand.