Seminary Student Stuns on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ‘Spectacular and Unique’

Seminary Student Stuns on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ‘Spectacular and Unique’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Lachune Boyd, a master’s student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, performed a stunning rendition of Tina Turner’s “The Best” during the fifth qualifying round of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.

“The song I picked is a very popular song, but I am putting my own kind of twist and perspective on it,” Boyd said in a video shown before her performance. “I think that will definitely show Simon that I have chosen something for myself.”

Boyd’s rendition slowed down the original upbeat pace, allowing herself to show off the full extent of her vocal range.

“Everything about this performance was stunning,” said judge Heidi Klum after the performance. “You, stunning. Every vocal, stunning. I mean, you are simply the best.”

“Spectacular and unique the way you sang that song,” added judge Sofia Vergara. “You look beautiful tonight, and America is going to vote for you, you deserve it.”

The feedback that Boyd was really waiting for came from Simon Cowell, who was astounded by her audition at the beginning of the season, granting her a standing ovation and showering her with praise.

“I really admire the fact that you took a song that everybody knows and you made it your own,” said Cowell. “From the first time we met you, you radiate kindness. You really do, and I would love to see you in the final, I think you really deserve it.”

Not all of the judges loved Boyd’s performance, however. Howie Mandell was shaky on her rendition, although he recognized the talent of her voice.

“I think that your instrument, your singing is perfection.” Mandell said. “I think you are an incredible talent, but I don’t personally know if I love your rendition of this Tina Turner anthem.”

Unlike other rounds, the contestants that advance to the finals are chosen by a vote from viewers rather than a decision by the judges. Unfortunately, Boyd was not chosen as one of the eleven acts to advance to the final.

The singer, however, is simply proud of her achievements and how far she has come. She also knows that she has inspired others through her performances. She has seen this first-hand already with her vocal students.

“They are already inspired because they are already practicing harder,” Boyd told AGT host Terry Crews.

While her time on AGT has ended, Boyd’s singing career is not over. 

She frequently posts videos of herself singing worship music. In a recent video, she sang “Goodness of God” by Bethel Music. 

Movieguide® previously reported:

Pastor’s kid and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary student Lachune Boyd received a standing ovation following her performance on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.  

Simon Cowell told Boyd, “You have a beautiful, beautiful voice and I am really fascinated by you. It was a fantastic audition.” 

“You showed us that these walls that people feel like they’re stuck behind, you make them yourself,” longtime judge Howie Mandel added. “You tore down that wall and luckily you did because you made your way right here, and your life is about to change.”

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