SNOOPY IN SPACE is Endearing and Educational

Photo via SNOOPY IN SPACE| Apple TV+

SNOOPY IN SPACE is Endearing and Educational

By Stephanie Speck, Contributing Writer

SNOOPY IN SPACE is an animated Apple TV+ original series inspired by Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip. In 12 short episodes, the series follows Snoopy’s journey to becoming a NASA astronaut. SNOOPY IN SPACE is the product of a collaboration between Peanuts Worldwide and NASA to promote STEM studies to students.

SNOOPY IN SPACE features the voices of Terry McGurrin, Robert Tinkler and Ethan Pugiotto.

After attending a school presentation about space travel, Snoopy is determined to become an astronaut. After NASA rejects Snoopy’s application to space camp, Snoopy refuses to take “no” for an answer. When Snoopy sneaks into the Astronaut Training Facility during a field trip to NASA, he quickly discovers that becoming an astronaut is no easy task. With a bit of hard work, dedication, and the help of his friends, can Snoopy become NASA’s newest recruit?

SNOOPY IN SPACE is rated TV-G. The content is wholly acceptable for children and families. The series also reflects a biblical moral worldview that emphasizes love, loyalty, and the importance of friends helping and encouraging one another. Snoopy and Woodstock often help, protect, and stand up for one another during astronaut training and assignments. Snoopy also shows love and loyalty to a brokenhearted Charlie Brown by showing the boy that the beagle missed Charlie while away on a mission. Charlie Brown and friends also try to cheer up Snoopy when he is sad.

SNOOPY IN SPACE has other redemptive elements. The series stresses the importance of hard work and not taking shortcuts. Snoopy learns that he cannot cheat his way into becoming an astronaut. He studies and trains so he can achieve his dream. SNOOPY IN SPACE also highlights not getting discouraged while learning something new and challenging.

SNOOPY IN SPACE is also educational. Snoopy’s journey teaches viewers about astronaut training, space travel, and what astronauts do during their missions. Audiences also learn interesting facts about the Milky Way, the planets in our solar system, and historical space expeditions. As part of the collaboration with NASA, live historical footage is interspersed throughout the episodes. Viewers also receive a glimpse of current NASA projects and prototype rockets to Mars. The live NASA footage and interesting facts about space travel add to the excitement of the program.

SNOOPY IN SPACE is an enjoyable series that features loveable and familiar characters. Some Peanuts fans may feel that Snoopy’s character has changed a bit from the original cartoons created by Charles Schulz. The often positive and helpful Snoopy now gets discouraged easily and sulks when things don’t go his way. But much like the original stories, Snoopy is adorable and loyal to his friends.

SNOOPY IN SPACE promotes positive Biblical worldviews, moral lessons, and lifelong learning. Families of all ages will enjoy SNOOPY IN SPACE.

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