Surprising Statement of Faith by Leading Actor


Surprising Statement of Faith by Leading Actor

By Evy Baehr, Executive Managing Editor

Recently, Movieguide® had the chance to sit down with Kelsey Grammer for his upcoming role in KILLING JESUS. Grammer plays King Herod the Great, the Herod who tries to kill the Baby Jesus when news of the birth of a messiah reaches Herod’s palace.

What is surprising is what Grammer had to say about the role.

“I am a Christian, so I have great sense of reverence for this [material],” he said. “The enormity of what Jesus did is still lost on us. The Bible, you really have to study it. God is coming through man. That is an extraordinary thing that happens, and I believe it. I think when you pose it on human nature and on these other characters you make the story even more profound.”

Grammer added, “I was listening to a guy in New York a couple of years ago, talking about that moment on the cross, that agony, and that it wouldn’t mean anything if it weren’t true.”

How wonderful for Grammer to be professing his faith to the others on the set of KILLING JESUS.

Don’t forget to read Movieguide®’s review of the KILLING JESUS movie, which will be on our website by March 29 when the TV movie airs on the NatGeo Channel.

Editor’s Note:  We appreciate Kelsey Grammer’s statement of faith in Jesus, His divinity, what Jesus did for us, and studying the Bible. We did not get the chance to talk about his denomination, the church he attends or any other spiritual beliefs he may have.


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