The 2016 Oscar Noms: Closer, But No Cigar


The 2016 Oscar Noms:

Closer, But No Cigar

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Looking at Thursday’s Oscar nominations, the Oscar folks continue to snub great, family-friendly movies such as CINDERELLA, HOME, THE GOOD DINOSAUR, MAX, WAR ROOM, and THE PEANUTS MOVIE.

However, this year they did nominate some redemptive movies and inspiring performances. That said, most of those nominations were still movies that Movieguide® rated with an “extreme caution.”

Thus, for example, while the Academy did nominate family-friendly Movieguide® Award nominee INSIDE OUT for Best Original Screenplay and Best Animated Feature Film, SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE for Best Animated Feature Film, and Jennifer Lawrence for her inspiring performance in JOY, it also nominated redemptive movies like Movieguide® Award nominees THE MARTIAN and BROOKLYN and the redemptive science fiction movie MAD MAX:  FURY ROAD, which we gave an “extreme caution” to because of foul language, violence and some other content problems.

Also, Oscar nominations went to Matt Damon’s inspiring performance in THE MARTIAN, to BROOKLYN and THE MARTIAN for Best Adapted Screenplay, and to Sylvester Stallone in CREED for Best Supporting Actor.

That said, some really awful, anti-family and deceitful movies received some Oscar nominations, including the pro-communist false history of TRUMBO, the linguistically challenged and silly attack on traditional family values THE DANISH GIRL, the depressing animated porn show ANOMALISA, and the misleading report on the causes of the 2008 financial crisis, THE BIG SHORT.

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