The 3 Movies to Watch on Netflix Before They Go Away!


The 3 Movies to Watch on Netflix Before They Go Away!


Before November comes, make sure to stream these 3 uplifting movies! 



1. Rudy

-1 Content, **** Quality. RUDY is a modern-day hero, an overcomer with an indomitable spirit. His victory against the odds makes him a real-life model not only for his five younger brothers, but also for the viewer. Rudy accomplishes something rare in today’s movies. He makes one care about even his smallest struggles.



2. Jonah – A Veggietales Movie

+4 Content, **** Quality. JONAH – A VEGGIETALES MOVIE tells the time-honored Bible story of Jonah and the Whale in a fun, silly, delightful, and entertaining story starring Bob the Tomato, Archibald Asparagus and the Pirates Who Do Nothing. Clearly plotted turning points, wonderful songs and terrific animation all build to tell this meaningful tale of mercy and compassion.



3. My Hope with Billy Graham

America is in trouble. Our national debt hangs over us like an economic atomic bomb. We are hated by terrorists anxious to kill Americans. The stable traditional family is in steep decline. Despite these problems, Billy Graham is wise enough to know the hope for America is personal, one life at a…

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