Billy Graham Has Hope for America

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher, and David Outten, Art Director




The Rev. Billy Graham has hope for America. He’s calling on Christians in the United States this November to invite the lost into their homes to receive a message.

The main message Billy’s delivering, THE CROSS, will be available beginning Nov. 7, but you can see two bonus messages here. They are amazing! They include clips from Billy Graham’s speaking at crusades, but Billy understands that the most powerful testimony of God’s love and truth is in changed lives. The two programs contain three powerful personal testimonies each. The plan is for Christians to share these videos with guests and then briefly share their own testimony and ask if anyone would like to receive Jesus.

The first bonus program, DEFINING MOMENTS, features personal testimonies from illusionist Jim Monroe, NFL player David Tyree, and singer Lacey Sturm. The quality of the production is excellent. The testimonies truly convey the sincerity with which lives were transformed by the saving grace offered through Jesus Christ.

The second bonus program, LOSE TO GAIN, features the testimonies of comedian Michael Jr., pro skateboarder Brian Sumner, and a young woman named Shannon Culpepper. Each testimony reveals successes, failures, struggles, and emotions interspersed with great messages from Billy Graham. You simply can’t help but feel happy for those who’ve shared their testimonies and received God’s grace.

America is in trouble. Our national debt hangs over us like an economic atomic bomb. We are hated by terrorists anxious to kill Americans. The stable traditional family is in steep decline. Despite these problems, Billy Graham is wise enough to know the hope for America is personal, one life at a time. The hope for America is revival, but revival happens one person at a time. Each step toward revival is a personal step. You can’t repent and get saved for someone else. Each person has to make the decision on his own.

Billy Graham has been one of the very best in history at explaining the need for salvation – as he does in all these videos – but seeing how actual people were transformed is truly powerful. We at Movieguide encourage you to go to and sign up to participate. Watch the videos. See the possibilities. Sign up to participate. The event can be held in homes, youth groups, small group meetings, church meetings, community meetings, and coffee houses. There are resources available for a variety of venues.

While the crusade is called HOPE FOR AMERICA, it’s not really a national event. This time, it’s personal. The national impact could be tremendous, but only as it reaches the country one person at a time. Attending a church service or a crusade can be an emotional experience, but what each of us needs is a personal relationship with God through the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. We each need that moment of commitment to repentance and that daily, hourly, moment-to-moment personal relationship, a divinely-powered fellowship that’s up close and personal.

Pray for this crusade. Get involved. There is hope for America.


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