THE BACHELOR Star Madison Prewett Relies on Her Faith In ‘Highs and Lows of Life’

Photo from Madison Prewett’s Instagram

THE BACHELOR Star Madison Prewett Relies on Her Faith In ‘Highs and Lows of Life’

By Movieguide® Staff

Madison Prewett shared that her time on the reality TV show THE BACHELOR tested her faith and ultimately gave her more understanding of her spiritual journey.

The 24-year-old was Peter Weber’s runner-up on Season 24 of the ABC dating show. After Weber broke off his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss, he confessed his love for Prewett on the “After the Final Rose” special.

Unfortunately, Weber’s family did not endorse the relationship, and the couple parted ways.

Prewett said that her time on the reality TV show showed her the importance of a solid foundation and encouraged her to have confidence in her identity in Christ.

“I would say that two of the biggest things that I learned from my time on the show is just how to stay true to yourself, no matter what environment or situation that you’re in,” Prewett said. “I think we live in a world where a lot of people if you don’t know who you are, others will try and tell you who you are. It’s really important for you to be rooted and grounded and stay true no matter what’s thrown your way. I had that tested to the highest degree [on the show].”

Prewett added: “And secondly, I’m a part of something bigger than myself. This life isn’t just about me and what I can get and what I can take from it, but rather what can I give and how can I make a difference and how can I add value? [The Bachelor] changed a lot for me and really brought a lot of things into perspective.”

Despite the roller coaster of emotions, the Alabama native said the experience strengthened her faith.

“Faith isn’t so much predicated on feeling or on circumstance… I think when we choose to believe in something bigger than ourselves, we’re choosing to believe that component of life right through the highs and lows of life,” Prewett told Fox News while promoting her participation in the World Vision Gift catalog.

“For me, even the low moments, it doesn’t shake that foundation,” Prewett said. “It just inspires me more. And so for me, during [the pandemic], it’s really brought a lot into perspective… the things that matter, the things that I want to be spending my time on.”

Prewett continued: “We’re not promised tomorrow. There’s no guarantee of what this all is going to look like tomorrow or a year from now and so without any guarantee, how can I make today matter and how can I give back and add value to those people around me?”

Prewett said that her goal in all relationships–but also in future dating relationships–is a partnership focused on Christ.

“I’ve always seen dating and I’ve seen relationships and I’ve seen marriage, I’ve seen all of it as as a partnership,” Prewett said. “And for me and my values and my perspectives and how I see life, you know, I’m looking for someone who’s going to want to make me a better person and push me closer to God.”

Prewett added: “So [I want to find] someone who can come alongside me and do that and they’re chasing after God with all their heart and fulfilling their purpose [in life]. I think relationships are most powerful when it’s two healthy individuals who share the same vision and who can really go after that vision together.”