THE CHOSEN Creator Reveals Details From Upcoming Season: ‘[It’s About The] Costs And Confusions Of Following Jesus’

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THE CHOSEN Creator Reveals Details From Upcoming Season: ‘[It’s About The] Costs And Confusions Of Following Jesus’

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE CHOSEN creator Dallas Jenkins is giving fans a few hints about what they can expect from the upcoming season of the show. 

Jenkins, who created, directed, and co-wrote the show, said that they are “not necessarily making a Bible show.” Instead, he chalks up the show’s immense success to the fact that they are making a show about 1st century Galilee, with “the truth and inspiration primarily comes from the Bible.”

“The fact that we’re really just trying to capture first century Galilee and the people of first century Galilee in an authentic way makes the show watchable for anyone,” he explained. 

Jenkins also shared that one of the things he commonly hears from fans of the show is that they feel they can “connect with these characters.”

“The people from the Bible that previously maybe have been in black and white on the page or previously have been in stained glass windows in a church now feel like real human beings for the first time,” he shared.

“The show is kind of bring[ing] the Bible to life and then bring[ing] you back to it [the Bible],” Jenkins said. 

As for what fans can expect from Season 3 of THE CHOSEN, Jenkins revealed a few details about the upcoming episodes. 

Jenkins shared that the new season of the show will show the “costs and confusion of following Jesus.”

“‘He’s [Jesus] here to overthrow the Romans,’” Jenkins explained.“‘He’s here to get rid of the oppression. He’s here to bring all things new and great.’ Well on a macro level that’s true.”

“But then [the disciples] find, huh, ‘this actually costs me a lot,’” he continued. “‘I’m having to give up some of my reputation. I’m having to give up some of my peace. I’m having to give up my job in many cases to follow Jesus.’”

Jenkins also revealed that he and the rest of the crew on THE CHOSEN are working to have episodes 7 and 8 of the next season in theaters because “they are massive and are begging to be on the big screen.” 

The third season of THE CHOSEN is expected to drop later this year. 

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