THE NOT-TOO-LATE SHOW WITH ELMO Is Adorable and Worth Watching

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THE NOT-TOO-LATE SHOW WITH ELMO Is Adorable and Worth Watching

By Carmen Capoziello, Contributing Writer

THE NOT-TOO-LATE SHOW WITH ELMO is an HBO Max original series that debuted with the streaming service in May 2020. New episodes are released weekly. The show is a spin-off from SESAME STREET and features the Muppet character, Elmo, as a late-night talk show host. During 15-minute segments, original SESAME STREET characters and celebrity guests participate in fun games, activities and music performances. Some of the popular SESAME STREET Muppet characters seen on the show include Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Bert and Ernie. Jimmy Fallon, Jonas Brothers, Lil Nas X, Pentatonix, Dan & Shay, Batman, and Nature Nick are just a few of the celebrity guests who have made appearances.

THE NOT-TOO-LATE SHOW WITH ELMO focuses on teaching children about nighttime routines, getting ready for bed, and going to sleep at night. At the start of each segment, the 3 ½-year-old Elmo asks his parents for permission to be excused and host his show. His parents agree but remind him not to be late for his “bedtime routine.” Elmo begins his show with a few silly jokes and routines. He participates in discussions and activities with celebrity guests. These happenings are often centered on evening activities. Elmo and his friends talk about bedtime stories, weird dreams, and enjoy learning about nocturnal animals. The show concludes with famous musical guests who perform lullabies or songs from SESAME STREET. Elmo always treats the guests to gifts, which have ranged from toothbrushes to homemade clay horses. Once Elmo has brushed his teeth and snuggled into his pajamas, he winds down with a final musical number that recalls all of the fun he has had that evening. He signs off reminding viewers, “Elmo loves you. You are special. Good night.”

THE NOT-TOO-LATE SHOW WITH ELMO is rated TV-Y. There is no foul language, violence, nudity, or sexual content. One brief “omg” profanity is spoken by one of the guests during the first episode.

The series has many heart-warming, redemptive elements. The love between family and friends is celebrated. In one episode, Cookie Monster’s mother visits her son on set and receives a warm welcome from everyone. Leading by example, Elmo also teaches children about respecting your elders and obeying your parents. This can be seen when he asks his parents for permission to host his show and then gets ready for bed when asked. Elmo has good manners and displays a generous and grateful attitude.

THE NOT-TOO-LATE SHOW WITH ELMO has a strong moral worldview that edifies honoring family, respecting parents and treating everyone with kindness. One of the Muppet characters is a fairy. Her fairy dust and magic occasionally cause some light-hearted and amusing mayhem.

THE NOT-TOO-LATE-SHOW WITH ELMO is an endearing children’s show that is interesting and educational. The show also promotes good family values. A few of the celebrity guests have been well-known Christians, including Jordin Sparks who performed a charming rendition of “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.” It should be noted, however, that some of the guests have otherwise been known to not produce family-friendly content and may participate in personal lifestyles that are not complimentary to Christian living. Families are encouraged to be mindful of this while enjoying THE NOT-TOO-LATE SHOW WITH ELMO.

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