THE TERMINAL LIST Presents Moral, Patriotic Worldview Marred by Excessive Foul Language, Violence

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THE TERMINAL LIST Presents Moral, Patriotic Worldview Marred by Excessive Foul Language, Violence

By Movieguide® Contributor

Amazon’s #1 Prime Video series, THE TERMINAL LIST, packs action and a compelling story into this binge-worthy 8-episode season. The series follows former Navy SEAL James Reece as he investigates the murder of his entire platoon during a covert mission. Taking justice into his own hands, he starts a list of those who wronged him, endeavoring to cross off every name. THE TERMINAL LIST stars Chris Pratt (James Reece), Constance Wu (Katie Buranek), Taylor Kitsch (Ben Edwards), Riley Keough (Lauren Reece), Arlo Mertz (Lucy Reece), and Jeanne Tripplehorn (Secretary Hartley). 

The series was written by Tolu Awosika, Jack Carr, David DiGilio, Olumide Odebunmi, Hennah Sekandary, Max Adams, Lisa Long, John Lopez, Brooke Roberts, and Daniel Shattuck. THE TERMINAL LIST was produced by Max Adams, David Auge, Jack Carr, David DiGilio, Justin Epifanio, Antoine Fuqua, Melanie Kirk, Lisa Long, John Lopez, Chris Pratt, Brooke Roberts, Kat Samick, Jon Schumacher, Daniel Shattuck, Jared Shaw, Gwyn Shovelski, Ronald Cosmo Vecchiarelli, and Tucker Gates.

After enemy operatives ambush his platoon during a covert military operation and all his men die, Navy SEAL commander James Reece begins to question the narrative surrounding his men’s deaths which puts those he loves the most at risk. After tragedy strikes, he begins to compile a list of all those involved in the conspiracy, and with the help of journalist Katie Buranek and other old friends, he uncovers layers of intrigue surrounding the botched mission. Taking matters into his own hands, Reece uses his SEAL training to cross the perpetrators off his list through well-planned, carefully executed attacks. Reece follows the trail through corporate conspiracy, paid assassins and government corruption at the highest levels, eventually uncovering the final name on his list.

Throughout the series, Reece struggles with PTSD and memory loss. His deep love for and his desire to protect his family drive his fight for justice and truth even as the evil and lies multiply.

THE TERMINAL LIST has a predominantly moral worldview where good triumphs over evil, justice is served and wrong is made right. While Reece uses violent and objectionable methods, he only brings justice to those who deserve it. For example, while pursued by the FBI, he sets off a bomb that causes a landslide. It buries one of the FBI agents, and instead of escaping immediately, Reece gives her CPR and saves her life because he knows she is not his real enemy. Reece also acts mercifully when he chooses not to kill the FBI agents even though he had the opportunity. Alternatively, those involved in the deaths of his men meet violent but deserved ends. 

Additionally, a journalist reveals government corruption to the public, and the biblical story of Gideon is used to illustrate the kind of men needed in the military. At one point, Reece retreats to a family friend’s home where they pray before a meal, and one character wonders what God’s plan is for Reece.

THE TERMINAL LIST weaves themes of patriotism, the relationship between the individual and his community, masculinity, the importance of family, and tireless pursuit of truth throughout the series.

THE TERMINAL LIST contains excessive obscenities and profanities. Each episode contains anywhere from 15 to 31 uses of the “f” word and many other obscenities. Profanities include JC, GD, OMG, and Jesus. The series also contains extreme violence since the plot centers around Reece’s ability to kill off each person on his list. Violence includes military operations, gunfire, gunshot wounds to the head, explosions, ambushes, close-range gunfire, hand-to-hand combat, knife fights, drowning, strangulation, lots of blood, and suicide. In one instance, a character uses an ax to disembowel another. There are various instances of upper male nudity and one instance of full side male nudity, but everything is covered. A character enters a strip club and sees scantily dressed women. There is no explicit sexual content, though a character subtly suggests it in the strip club. A character takes drugs to help manage the symptoms of a brain tumor and uses drugs to kill someone. One character vapes. Characters consume alcohol at bars, parties and as a pastime activity. No character appears drunk. Other miscellaneous immorality includes betrayal, lying, a reference to porn, and fleeing authorities.

THE TERMINAL LIST’s purposeful and gritty production style helps tell the story. Certain cuts emphasize Reece’s struggle with PTSD and memory loss. Muted colors and darker lighting convey feelings of desolation, internal struggles and confusion. The writing propels the story forward and keeps the viewer engaged. However, it does rely heavily on profanity.

Overall, THE TERMINAL LIST tells an engaging and thrilling story about a man pursuing justice and truth as he struggles to combat the lies around him. Throughout the series, viewers gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifice made by service men and women. Reece’s love for his family drives him towards his goal, and ultimately good overcomes evil. However, due to his use of extreme violence to reach his goal and excessive language, Movieguide® advises extreme caution and discretion for adults.