Tim Tebow Tells Fans: ‘Walk Confidently In Who God Made You To Be’

Photo from Tim Tebow’s Instagram

Tim Tebow Tells Fans: ‘Walk Confidently In Who God Made You To Be’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Tim Tebow recently shared some words of wisdom with his fans who might be feeling like they don’t measure up against others.

The football star posted a screenshot of one of his tweets to Instagram:

Whatever obstacles you are facing, whatever struggle you have with not fitting in, whether you feel you aren’t pretty enough, strong enough, fast enough, or smart enough, know that you are wonderfully made. Don’t strive to be like everyone else. Your differences make you unique! 

Tebow’s caption continued, “When you catch yourself comparing yourself to others or feeling inadequate, remind yourself that if God wanted you to be like somebody else, He would’ve made you like somebody else! Own who you are and walk confidently in who God made you to be.”



The football player frequently uses his social media platform to spread inspiring messages to his fans and followers. Movieguide® previously reported:

Former NFL star Tim Tebow recently shared his thoughts on identity and COVID-19’s impact on younger generations. 

Tebow, who is passionate about using his platform to point people to God, shared statistics about how students see themselves in the social media age. 

“You don’t have to be like anybody else. If God wanted you to be like someone else, he would have made you like somebody else,” Tebow said in a video clip posted to his Instagram. “And so what we have now is we have young people that a third of them say that they’re lonely most of the time or all the time, two thirds of them say that they have no one in the world that believes, and 4% of our daily thoughts are spent on some form of comparison. Like that’s crazy. In 2019, 50% of our high school girls, were experiencing severe forms of sadness or loneliness.”

“I don’t think that’s just because they need more friends,” he continued. “I do believe community is important, But it’s not just about more friends. It’s about more worth. They need to understand how worthy they are, how special they are, how amazing they are. Not how amazing they will be if they change and they adapt to all these things that we say.”

Tebow also captioned the video and said those statistics encouraged him to write his new book, “Mission Possible.”

“Was so fired up, because I want every young person, every person actually to know their value!! **I meant to say 50% of HS girls are experiencing extreme sadness or hopelessness not loneliness,” he wrote. “This is why I’m so passionate about Mission Possible and helping people find their mission, pursue their purpose and create lives that count!”

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