TINY CREATURES Is Safe and Enjoyable for the Whole Family

Screenshot via Tiny Creatures | Official Trailer | Netflix on YouTube

TINY CREATURES Is Safe and Enjoyable for the Whole Family

By: Ashley Ashburn, Contributing Writer

TINY CREATURES follows the adventures of several of our world’s smallest inhabitants, from a brave little kangaroo rat in the wild west of Arizona to a domesticated golden hamster braving the streets of New York City. The show is brimming with information about these tiny creatures and the challenges they face, which vary from episode to episode. TINY CREATURES is filmed from the perspective of a different critter each episode, styled like an action movie with plenty of beautiful shots of the creatures and easy-to-follow narration.

TINY CREATURES has a basic moral worldview with strong positive themes and an optimistic outlook. It explores the nature of several ecosystems, the creatures within them, and humans’ relationship with animals. It shares the idea that the world is a complex place with much to see and learn, and leaves every episode on an open-ended, optimistic note. It also promotes important Christian values like perseverance, kindness, compassion, courage, and doing the right thing.

The language in TINY CREATURES is free from any profanities or obscenities. It uses clear, concise words in the narration that’s pleasant and easy to follow. There’s no nudity or explicit content, drug use, alcohol use, or violence. There are a few scenes where a gun is fired, glass shatters, and a shack catches fire, but no creatures are injured.

While there’s no violence in TINY CREATURES, there’s plenty of action and suspense during tense moments between unsuspecting prey and the predators stalking them or the climactic moments when the hero faces another challenge to overcome.

Although these critters don’t use words to speak, the cinematography and narration is effective in telling their stories through clever camera shots and editing. The animals on screen are shown in incredible detail with slow motion shots and close-ups that are visually stunning. The situations that are detailed in the show are engaging and well thought out. Each plot is expertly paced, with no dull moments. Each half-hour episode does a great job keeping viewers’ attention.

Even though the protagonists in each episode are not human, they still illustrate the importance of key characteristics such as persistence, patience, hard work and determination, kindness, and compassion. One episode tells the story of a duckling that is late to hatch and is almost thrown away in the garbage before being rescued by a little boy who takes it home. The episode shows a beautiful friendship between the boy and the duckling, and teaches viewers the importance of doing the right thing when the boy’s father finds out about the duck and makes him take it back to the farmer since he took it without permission. The boy does so, saying goodbye to his new friend with a heavy heart, and is later rewarded when his father surprises him by bringing the whole duck family home.

TINY CREATURES is a new kind of documentary aimed at educating and entertaining a younger audience. The message it conveys is positive and the show itself is engaging and filled with fun information about the animals on screen. It is a great show for kids and interesting enough that the whole family will enjoy.