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Tragedy Transforms


By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®

Kevin Sorbo is a very popular host of the Movieguide® Awards. Although his popularity started with HERCULES, it has continued with a lot of other television movies and programs.


Kevin always seems to be fit, vigorous, and brilliant, but, reading his new book, TRUE STRENGTH, revealed the shocking information that, at the age of 38, an aneurysm in his shoulder radiated blood clots throughout his body, causing him three strokes and leaving him partially blind and entirely incapacitated. Up until that point in his life, Kevin felt he was practically invincible and lived the life of a Hollywood star. When his physical tragedy struck, he found true strength in his Christian faith.

Now, years later, Kevin is married to a wonderful Christian woman and has some very cute children. He has become a friend of Movieguide® and we were personally impressed by his book.

That said, there’s some rough language in TRUE STRENGTH reflecting Kevin’s earlier Hollywood life of the rich and famous. As he says in the book, it took nearly dying to save his life.