WAR ROOM’s A+ CinemaScore Tells the Story

WAR ROOM’s A+ CinemaScore Tells the Story

For 35 years, CinemaScore has been interviewing audiences as they leave theaters after watching a movie on opening night. An A+ Cinemascore is rare.

The new Kendrick Brothers movie WAR ROOM received an A+ CinemaScore. On Rotten Tomatoes WAR ROOM received only 39 percent positive reviews. The disconnect is that the typical movie reviewer is very different from the typical moviegoer, much less the typical WAR ROOM ticket buyer.

CinemaScore is not a Christian organization, but some of the highest CinemaScore rated movies are profoundly Christian.

Among the A+ CinemaScore movies are THE BLIND SIDE, SOUL SURFER, UP, and DRIVING MISS DAISY. “A” rated CinemaScore movies include GOD’S NOT DEAD and HEAVEN IS FOR REAL.

A movie that gets a high CinemaScore tends to get excellent word of mouth and holds up well in weeks following opening weekend. This was very true with WAR ROOM. In its second weekend, WAR ROOM was down only 18 percent from opening weekend. This is far less than the typical movie. WAR ROOM actually rose to top the nation’s weekend box office while still showing in far fewer theaters than the typical wide release.

MOVIEGUIDE® consistently gives awards to movies that are more popular with audiences than with reviewers or industry awards programs. The principle is similar to CinemaScore. Other reviewers are sadly out of touch with ticket buyers.  In fact, they are so far out of touch that most of them pick only one blockbuster movie, and many mediocre “independent” movies and boring foreign language movies that appeal to only a few moviegoers.

Movie studios could make many more movies that earn A+ CinemaScores, and do well at the box office, if they would take MOVIEGUIDE®’s advice.

In fact, MOVIEGUIDE® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr even offers an intense four-day workshop showing beginning and experienced filmmakers how to make better, more inspiring, more entertaining, and more successful movies and television programs.

The next filmmaking workshop is scheduled for Nov. 19 thru 22.


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