Why Are State Governments Giving Tax Benefits to Rich Hollywood Elitists Anyway?

Georgia on Our Mind:

Why Are State Governments Giving Tax Benefits to Rich Hollywood Elitists Anyway?

By Tom Snyder, Editor, and Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Conservatives and Christians are rightly outraged that CEOs at several big media companies, including Disney, Netflix and Warner Bros., are saying that they intend to avoid producing their movies in the state of Georgia because the Georgia state government okayed a bill outlawing abortion if doctors detect an unborn baby’s heartbeat, generally at six to eight weeks.

Most maddening is the fact that Disney filmed a STAR WARS movie in Abu Dhabi and the new live-action ALADDIN movie in Jordan, two Arab, Muslim countries that ban abortion altogether. Yet, Disney’s CEO, Robert Iger (pictured below), has never said anything about that!

All this political hubbub, however, overlooks a major question about the whole issue. Why are states like Georgia giving ANY tax benefits to these rich Hollywood companies anyway?

Big media companies like Netflix, Disney and Warner Bros. are among the richest companies in the United States. They pay CEOs like Iger tens of millions of dollars, and major movie stars also receive millions from these companies.

Furthermore, shouldn’t ALL companies in states like Georgia get some really nice tax breaks from these legislators? What about regular taxpayers in these states? Don’t they deserve some tax breaks too?

Georgia’s story is a familiar one. Years ago, Texas was getting a lot of Hollywood productions because of tax breaks given to Hollywood. More recently, North Carolina was entangled with the film trade. However, when the state legislators in Texas and North Carolina decided Hollywood didn’t need these tax breaks after all, Hollywood stopped filming some of their movie and television projects in those states.

Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr puts it this way, “The unintended consequence of not redeeming Hollywood is a loss of the voting base to keep conservative and Christian ideals at the forefront of our political structure. Failure in Hollywood will without a doubt result in a devastating loss in Christian representation in the government.” Movieguide® doesn’t support schemes to create tax havens for Big Media companies in Hollywood in states like Texas or Georgia. Especially since so much of the entertainment coming from Hollywood contains so much offensive politically correct content, foul language, extreme violence, substance abuse, and explicit sex.

“If we lose the hearts and minds of the voting base by failing to inspire and uplift the good, the true and the beautiful, we will only have ourselves to blame as well as the gross self-indulgence and arrogance of the politicians who left God behind and put themselves in the role of the savior and messiah,” Dr. Baehr added. “Without the redemption of Hollywood, the conservative politicians and parties are the walking dead.”

If politicians in your state want to hand out some tax breaks, let them reduce taxes across the board for companies that help the needy and ALL people.

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