BLUE BLOODS Producer Clears Up Danny-Baez Romance Rumors

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BLUE BLOODS Producer Clears Up Danny-Baez Romance Rumors

By Movieguide® Contributor

BLUE BLOODS producer Kevin Wade is clearing up some rumors about a possible romance between Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) in the show’s last season.

In an interview with TV Insider, Wade explained that it’s unlikely to happen because it’s the final season.

“The audience may think they want [a Danny and Baez romance], and perhaps they do, and perhaps I’m completely wrong. That’s always a strong possibility,” he said. “But if we were to put them together and there’s a scene where they’re, I don’t know what, having dinner together and they’re happy, I don’t know what that is.”

Movieguide® previously reported on fans’ hope that the detective duo would end up together:

Seven years have gone by since Danny’s wife, Linda, tragically died. While Linda was a beloved character, as the show comes to a close, fans want to know that Danny will be happy in the future. Having worked closely with his partner, Detective Maria Baez, since 2013, some think it’s time for the two to get together.

A fan of the show took to X after a recent episode to comment on the two’s relationship.

“Ohhh Danny Reagan doesn’t look too impressed with Baez heading out for a drink,” the fan posted.

Donnie Wahlberg—who plays Danny on the show—agreed, responding, “He is not pleased.”

Wade also explained that there isn’t enough time to dive into a new dimension of their relationship and the drama that would need to come with it.

He also touched on another relationship in the show: Jamie and Eddie.

“We put Jamie and Eddie together a few years ago. I think the show would dip into parody if we had two of our cops marrying two of their partners who are getting into that,” he explained. “And candidly, to me, Danny Reagan has been built and played as a loner. I know he was married for half of the episodes, but he’s almost like the classic private eye who is married to his work and who has the freedom and the latitude to do whatever he wants. Because unfortunately at home, there’s nothing much there.”

BLUE BLOODS wrapped up the first half of Season 14 earlier this month, while the final eight episodes will premiere later this year.

Fans and cast members alike have called for the show to be renewed.

“I will continue to think that CBS will come to their senses. We’re the third-highest scripted show in all of broadcast. We’re winning the night. All the cast wants to come back. And I can tell you this—we aren’t sliding off down a cliff, we’re doing good shows and still holding our place,” star Tom Selleck told CBS News.

However, CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach has confirmed that this season will be its last.

“We really want to thank the cast and crew, everyone involved in the show. We absolutely will miss the family dinners. It is important to give [the] show the sendoff it deserves,” she said. “We love this cast, we love their passion for the show. All shows have to come to an end. It’s important to us to refresh the schedule. We are going to end the show come December.”

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