Willie Robertson Explains Why All Christians Need to Share the Gospel

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Willie Robertson Explains Why All Christians Need to Share the Gospel

By Movieguide® Contributor

Willie Robertson sat down with his daughter Sadie Robertson Huff to discuss his new book, “Gospeler,” which explains why Christians need to share their faith and helps them understand how to do it.

“I think a lot of people come to faith, and I think later on, they’d be like, I didn’t know [sharing my faith] was part of the deal. I didn’t know I was supposed to tell anyone about it,” Robertson told Huff. “I kind of make the case that, what if it’s the whole deal? The whole deal is about giving it away; it’s about telling others.”

“And so, in the book, I start building out this premise of where this comes from…I’m really interested once Jesus has come back from the dead, he’s only here for a few weeks, and what does he tell people to do? Like…here’s what needs to happen,” he continued. “So, we can clue in right there, you can clue into a couple of things but especially what you may know as the Great Commission at the end of Matthew 28: ‘All authority has been given to me.’ And he says three things there. He says, ‘Go make disciples, baptize people and teach people.'”

“So those are three specific things,” Robertson added. “He doesn’t say, ‘Go to church and be a good person…’ He says to go be active, and those are the three things. And so, what I found was in my life if I’m not around any of those three things, then maybe I’m on the wrong mission…maybe my mission is wrong. So I feel like I’ve run into a lot of believers who, they just don’t have the right mission…[And they feel like,] I need something…and I really believe it’s because they’re not going back to what Jesus said this is your mission.”

Robertson wrote “Gospeler” to help believers get back on that mission. While many people feel like they aren’t qualified to share the Gospel, Robertson believes this is a mindset that leads to never feeling ready. Instead, he encourages people to give it a shot to discover how God has gifted them.

“We just disqualify [ourselves]. We don’t even have to get canceled. We’re canceling ourselves because it’s safer,” he explained. “If I step out and say this, then people are going to go, ‘What about you?’”

However, rather than allowing our past to define us, we can leverage the mistakes of our past with the new life we have found in Christ to show just how much we needed Christ and how much His love has changed our story.

Robertson also reminds us that we can only make an impact while we are on this earth. Once our time is up and we’re with Christ in heaven, we won’t be helping others come to faith anymore.

“I don’t know how much longer I’ll be on earth, but it’s not that long. While I’m here, while God has his churches on this earth… think about what we can do once we’re in heaven,” he said. “You know, great, we’re there but we can’t [share anymore]. And so, for our generation and our people, man, I just want to get out there and share.”

“Gospeler” is available now.

“We have so many excuses as to why we don’t [talk about the gospel] like, ‘Well, I don’t think I know the Bible well enough, and I don’t know if I have any of the right answers, and I don’t know where to start,’ and so I try to just break those down and say, ‘Hey, here’s some ideas, and here’s some ways,’ just like we would do with anything,” Robertson told Movieguide® of his book.

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Willie Robertson is sharing the impact THE BLIND has had on audiences and details about his latest book, “Gospeler: Turning Darkness into Light One Conversation at a Time.”

“I think the message that [THE BLIND] puts out is a message that needs to be out…for marriages and the gospel and what God can do, how to change someone’s life—it’s all in there,” Robertson toldMovieguide®. 

He continued, “I think in Christianity, and probably generally in life, we’re always like, ‘Hey, your past is behind you, and we’re looking ahead,’ unless they make a movie about it, and then we just live there, in the worst season of your life. But I think Dad knew as we talked to him about it that it was important to see where he was, and man, we have gotten so much feedback from people and how it’s helped them.”

Robertson pointed to the impact of the family’s other projects, from books and podcasts to ending each episode of DUCK DYNASTY with a prayer.

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