Worship Leader Sean Feucht Announces Upcoming Documentary, SUPERSPREADER

Photo from Sean Feucht’s Instagram

Worship Leader Sean Feucht Announces Upcoming Documentary, SUPERSPREADER

By Movieguide® Staff

Despite America’s lockdowns and regulations due to COVID-19, worship leader Sean Feucht led the LET US WORSHIP outdoor revivals.

The 38-year-old artist recently announced an upcoming documentary about his tour across the nation called SUPERSPREADER.

“The pandemic revealed the chains of depression, fear and control that were seizing our nation,” Feucht said in a statement.

According to Feucht, the documentary will cover his controversial ministry during and after the COVID-19 lockdowns, where he led thousands of people in worship.

“I’m thrilled for audiences to gather together in movie theaters to witness God’s hand in the #LetUsWorship movement. It’s my prayer that this film shows an even greater number of people what can happen when we march into battle and call on the God of hope,” Feucht said.

Feucht said that he hopes the documentary will bring to light how the freedom to worship publicly is a gift that should not be taken for granted.

“The freedom to worship was under assault by the big and powerful. It spawned a movement of thousands to fight for our God-given religious liberty,” he said. “In the face of intense pressure from politicians, the mainstream media, and Antifa to stand down, we stood up to bring a message of hope and revival to America. And it’s not over yet.”

Director Josh Franer added that SUPERSPREADER is about giving believers the courage to stand up for truth.

“My hope as a filmmaker is to inspire greater conversation versus further division through the exploration of Sean’s bold stand against what he perceived to be tyranny,” he said.

SUPERSPREADER will debut in theaters on Aug. 19. Movieguide® has yet to review the documentary and cannot advise on its content.

Movieguide® previously reported of LET US WORSHIP:

More than 2,000 Christians flooded the streets in Seattle Monday to hold a “worship protest” after officials closed a local park to prevent a mass prayer rally.

Seattle officials shut down Gas Works Park all day Monday after learning that Bethel Music worship leader Sean Feucht planned to host a mass prayer rally. According to the Christian Post, officials said the closure was “due to anticipated crowding that could impact the public health of residents.”

Feucht said on Facebook Tuesday that the massive worship session led to miracles, baptisms and racial reconciliation.

“They shut the park, so we took the WORSHIP PROTEST to the streets!!” he wrote. “The church of Seattle WILL NOT be silenced! Over 2000 took to the streets and GOD LIT THE PLACE UP with miracles, baptisms, salvations, racial reconciliation (with the police!) and HOPE!!”

Feucht believes that closing the park was not simply an act of due diligence. Instead, he views it as discrimination against the Christian organization.

“If this was about COVID, that would be one thing,” Feucht told KIRO 7. “But this is about a blatant discrimination against Christians because the same questions were not asked and are still not asked about protesters.”