CHIP ‘N’ DALE: PARK LIFE: Episodes 1.1-10


What You Need To Know:

In Season One of CHIP ‘N’ DALE: PARK LIFE on Disney Plus, the two mischievous chipmunks always get into trouble on crazy adventures. In their days at the park, Chip and Dale often cause trouble for Pluto. They look for the best nuts and berries and won’t stop until they get them. Many adventures involve eating, stealing and meeting new friends.

CHIP ‘N’ DALE: PARK LIFE isn’t the best animated cartoon. However, it’s a funny, heartwarming cartoon series for families. The chipmunks cause trouble, but no matter how bad they are, they learn to do the right thing, thus promoting biblical moral principles. They learn from their mistakes, even though it can take a while for them to learn. Chip and Dale practice their love for each other. Whatever trouble one causes, the other will always be there to help and save them. There is no obstacle that can keep them mad or away from each other for long because their love is strong. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children for some stealing and cartoon violence in CHIP ‘N’ DALE: PARK LIFE.


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Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong moral worldview with redemptive elements stresses loving each other, learning from one’s mistakes, trying to do the right thing, and one episode is titled “Thou Shalt Nut Steal,” plus a few comical depictions in one cartoon of God-like hands that are really just a delivery boy, but one chipmunk thinks it’s God and worships them, and some comical occult content in one of 30 cartoons viewed shows a dog dying and coming back as a ghost, but lighting reanimates the dog, and he comes out of his grave

Foul Language:
No foul language, but two scenes where a dog is implied to be urinating on a fire hydrant

Many chase scenes, animals hitting/throwing thing at one another, some fighting, animals being angry at one another, a “ghost” gets hit by car, assumptions of killing and blood (it’s just raspberries being cut and dragged, etc.), ducks beat up eagle, shooting with a spider is implied, cart with chipmunks and dog goes into oncoming traffic, machete depicted, assumption of dog fighting (turns out to be a talent contest), trying to hide a “dead” body

No sex

No human nudity

Alcohol Use:
Assumption of a bar scene (alcohol isn’t explicitly depicted), a wine opener depicted, acorns appear in a six pack

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Strong miscellaneous immorality includes many scenes of chipmunks stealing (including packages, food, crochet needles, etc.), chipmunk uses a human baby as a horse, rivalry, revenge, chipmunks have a hard time sharing things, and a magician is depicted, but things usually turn out well by the end of a cartoon.

More Detail:

OVERVIEW REVIEW: CHIP ‘N’ DALE: PARK LIFE is about everyone’s favorite mischievous chipmunk best friends. Their stunts and tricks in the park cause them to never have a dull moment. Their love for nuts will take them on the craziest adventures, but it will never top their love for each other.

Each episode of Season One of CHIP ‘N’ DALE: PARK LIFE is split into three different stories. MOVIEGUIDE® screened the first 10 of 12 episodes for Season One. The episodes have been released every Wednesday since July 28. Episode 11 and 12 are being released October 6 and 13.

Episode 1, “Thou Shalt Nut Steal,” is about the two chipmunks stealing hazelnuts from Pluto. This deprives Pluto’s puppies from eating. Chip and Dale try to return the nuts, but Pluto’s already mad, and they don’t want Pluto to be mad at them for stealing. Eventually, they return the nuts, and everyone’s able to eat, Pluto, the puppies and the two chipmunks.

In “The Baby Whisperer,” Chip and Dale come across a playpen in the park full of babies. Chip learns he can tell the babies what to do, but he meets a baby who doesn’t do what he wants. The baby doesn’t like Chip and chases him, causing both to leave the playpen. Chip tries to get the baby back to the playpen but causes the baby to cry. All the other babies start crying, and they all leave the playpen too. Chip then teams up with the baby who didn’t like him to save the other babies and get them back to the playpen.

In “It Takes Two to Tangle,” Chip and Dale are depicted as two best friends who do everything perfectly together. They eat, swim and dance together, and the other animals wish they could be perfect like them. However, while doing everything together, Chip and Dale fall into a knitter’s basket and she accidentally uses them as yarn, making them tied by the tail. At first this is great, but Dale realizes it’s not that easy to be tied to Chip 24/7. Dale doesn’t want to be tied to Chip anymore and tries to break lose, but Chip becomes upset when he finds out about it. The other animals see them going through this difficult time and hope they can work it out. When Dale tries to make it up to Chip, by setting up a nice dinner for them, all of the other animals decide to also get knitted together. However, the chipmunks decide to unknot themselves, and the other animals soon learn that life tied together isn’t easy.

Episode 2 of PARK LIFE starts with “The Whole Package.” Chip and Dale try to open a walnut but can’t because the shell is too hard. Another chipmunk comes along and helps them by using a nutcracker. The chipmunk then shows them where they can get one, which is the inside of a package pickup locker. They open a package to find a comb thinking it will help open the nut, but it doesn’t work. Chip waits for the next package, and it’s a smart phone, which also won’t help them open a walnut. Dale takes the phone back to their tree and watches funny chipmunk videos while Chip waits for a package with a nutcracker. Chip finds no use for any of the packages, but Dale keeps all the stuff and has fun using things like earbuds, a lava lamp and a drone. Dale tries to get Chip to come back to the tree, but Chip’s too determined to wait for a nutcracker package to arrive. When it finally comes, Dale tries to keep it since he opened the package, but Chip wants it since he waited all that time for it. They argue over it until it breaks, then the other chipmunk from before gives her nutcracker to them, but they still don’t use it right.

In “Bird Brains,” the two see a beautiful peacock opera singer. Chip tries to save the peacock when she tumbles into a trashcan, but accidentally rips her whole tail off. Dale is having suspicions that Chip is hurting other animals and making them bleed. When it looks like Chip stabs the peacock, the other animals, including Dale, banish him from the park. When the same thing happens again, Dale tries to save the peacock, and the other animals kick him out of the park too. Chip and Dale are finally able to save the peacock from being splashed with mud, and they’re brought back into the park.

In “Acorn in my Side,” acorns are ready to be harvested. Chip wants to get the last acorn, but Dale tries to stop him since it’s on a dangerous broken branch. The smell (a ghost-like figure) haunts Chip and tries to possess him to get the acorn. Will they end up getting the acorn?

In “The Jungle” of Episode 3, Chip and Dale try to help two rabbits find the raspberry they were playing with when they lost it in a giant bush. It isn’t long until the chipmunks get lost and have to sleep in the wilderness. Dale finds a way out, but Chip doesn’t listen when Dale tells him this, so he’s still determined to find a way out. Dale returns home and relaxes while Chip tries to find a way out of the jungle. One of the times Dale goes back, he loses the exit and when they are both crying about it an owl grabs them and takes them out of the bush.

In “The Flight,” Chip sees someone jump from a tree in flying gear. He decides to find flying gear of his own to get cherries hanging from a tree on a tall building. Instead of Chip trying the flight devices, he makes Dale do it, and Dale keeps getting injured. Eventually, when an aerosol can of hairspray works, Dale flies around the park, eats a cherry, and doesn’t let Chip have a turn. Chip finally gets his turn and is scared and clumsy when he flies. He wakes up an eagle with his crying, and the eagle chases him and Dale (who Chip picks up on the chase) through the streets and the park.

In “Deep Dive,” the chipmunks find a golden acorn. Chip begins overthinking everything, like how to get it, how to open it, and how to get it again after they lose it. Dale is able to resolve all these things easily. When they lose it, it falls into the pond, and they must get it. Two frogs owe Dale a favor, so they take the chipmunks to the bottom of the pond to get the acorn. Once they are there, Dale tells the frogs goodbye. However, Chip brings it to Dale’s attention that they don’t know how to swim, and they’re at the bottom of the pond. After Dale gets hurt, Chip uses all of his power to get them and the acorn out of the pond.

In “A Nut You Can’t Refuse” of Episode 4, Chip tries to get Dale to clean the treehouse by bribing him with acorns. When Chip runs out of acorns, he goes to a “Godfather”-like chipmunk to borrow acorns. Chip keeps borrowing acorns, however. So, after he’s once he borrowed many acorns, it’s time for him to pay back the Godfather by cleaning his house as it says in their contract. When Chip goes to clean, Dale goes to help. While cleaning, they accidentally set the Godfather’s treehouse on fire.

In “Chipmunks Away,” Dale tells Chip they should go on a vacation somewhere that looks like an island getaway. They go around the park to try and find the perfect place. They go to the bird bath, pond, puddle, and another pond, but Chip always finds something wrong with all these places. Dale gets irritated by having to keep moving from one place to another and gets upset with Chip. Chip tries to make it up to him by making a makeshift island getaway with cockroaches and flies.

In “Ruff Justice,” Chip and Dale see an officer yell at a kid with a megaphone for kicking his soccer ball where it wasn’t allowed. When the officer takes a break, they take the megaphone and yell at people that aren’t doing things they like, such as a magician who makes a rabbit disappear, a man who has a panda backpack, and a construction worker who isn’t playing the game on her phone good. When a dog tries to take Pluto’s bone, the chipmunks try to help Pluto, but the other dog isn’t scared of the megaphone. When the other dog tries to scare the chipmunks and Pluto away, he sits on Dale. Chip rescues him by staring down the dog until the dog’s is scared. Then the officer arrests the kid with the soccer ball and the dog when they try to kick the ball at the chipmunks.

In “Dog in the House” of Episode 5, Chip steals and plays with Pluto’s ball. When Chip refuses to return it, Pluto chases him for it and follows Chip up a tree through the inside and gets his head stuck in the chipmunks’ house. They try to get him out in many ways, but he won’t budge. Suddenly, Pluto needs to urinate, so Chip takes his tail to a fire hydrant to let him do his thing. Dale and Pluto become best friends, but Chip can’t stand Pluto. Frustrated by their house guest, Chip leaves for about a year, but in reality, he’s outside living under Pluto’s tail. Chip moves back and just as all three were getting along, Chip brings out Pluto’s ball again and when trying to get it, Pluto gets himself unstuck.

In “Cone Alone,” Pluto’s puppy has a cone and gets spoiled by Pluto. Dale imagines if he had a cone if he would be spoiled the same way. Dale finds a traffic cone and tries to get it to stay on his head so Chip spoils him, which he does. Chip gets over-protective of Dale, so Dale tries to get away from him. When Chip begins to cry, Dale takes off the cone, and Chip gets upset that Dale lied, and they both end up stuck in the cone.

In “Highway to Hugs,” Dale wants to hug everyone, but when Chip is busy cleaning, his feelings get hurt that Chip doesn’t want to hug him. Dale tries to copy the motorcyclists and what they do leading up to the hugs they give like giving each other gifts. When every gift ends in disaster, Chip tells Dale to leave, and Dale becomes friends with the motorcyclists. Chip gets to the point on his to-do list to hug Dale, but when Chip also joins the motorcyclists, Dale becomes upset and yells at them. The motorcyclists then kick Dale out of the group and keep Chip instead. This breaks Dale’s heart to dust. Dale then finds Chip’s to-do list and goes to save him on the turtle motorcycle he tried to give Chip.

In “The Hazelnut King” of Episode 6, a birthday party is being held that Pluto tries to guard. Dale acts like he is the king of the bounce castle, and Pluto tries to force him out. Chip helps Dale try to guard the castle from Pluto. After all of Chip’s help Dale rewards him with the crown but takes it back.

In “Egg Baby,” while the chipmunks are trying to pick acorns, they come across an egg. Dale tries to have fun with the egg like going on a spider web trampoline with it, but Chip tries to protect it. Chip removes the egg from every harm Dale brings to the egg, but Dale always gets the egg back since the egg wants to be with him. When fighting over the egg, it hatches and out comes a baby snake. Dale loves the baby snake until it tries to attack him, then Chip begins to take care of him. The snake eats Dale when he tries to get rid of him, then it eats Chip.

In “Mega Muscle Chip,” Chip realizes he’s weak compared to Dale. He decides to go to the gym but gets embarrassed from how weak he is. Chip hides finds a robot costume that makes him stronger than everyone at the gym combined. Chip destroys the house and Dale yells at him, and Chip gets out of the robot suit. They get rid of the suit, but Pluto finds the remote and sends the costume to attack the chipmunks. They stop it, however, by dousing the remote with water.

In “Struggling Duckling” of Episode 7, it is winter, and the chipmunks are freezing. They try go under a mother duck to get warm, but the ducklings kick them out. They then pretend to be ducks, but Chip’s kicked out. Chip dreams of impressing the ducklings, but it doesn’t go as planned. Eventually, Chip is only accepted by the ducklings when he double saves one of them.

In “Friends of the Family,” the chipmunks see the Godfather chipmunk. The Godfather goes hunting and shoots a dog with a spider. When he leaves there, he’s mean to Chip and Dale, but gets sucked in by a leaf blower. Chip and Dale rescue him, and he makes them his new sidekicks. They don’t understand the seriousness of shooting the spider and end up shooting a baby rabbit and trying to shoot each other. They follow the Godfather to get the dues that are supposed to be paid to him. When they realize the harm, they’ve done with the spider, they feel guilty and choose not to be the Godfather’s hitmen anymore. The Godfather then tries to shoot them, but the spider stops working, because the spider joined Chip and Dale’s side. The chipmunks go and help everyone they harmed to make up.

In “Top Dog,” Pluto and the other dog do tricks to see who is better and who is cuter. After Pluto wins, Dale takes over the contest and takes first prize. While Dale continues to act like a dog, Pluto tries to find a new place to belong. Dale gets into trouble with the other dog. Chip asks Pluto in his new found life as a bird to help, but Pluto declines. Chip gives Pluto back the collar and leaves to help Dale. Pluto then enters the Best Dog contest again to beat the other dog and help the chipmunks. With the help of his new bird friends, Pluto’s able to win the contest.

In “The Ghost” of Episode 8, Dale “dies” (but is actually rolled over by a white paint roller), and it’s the other dog, Butch’s, fault. When Dale comes back white (like a ghost) they decide to prank Butch and make it seem like he’s haunting him. When the same thing happens to Chip, Butch actually dies from fear of the two chipmunk “ghosts.” However, it starts to rain, washing off all the paint, making Butch really mad. It starts to thunder, and Butch’s ghost returns to his grave, where the lightning brings him back to life. This comically scares all the other animals.

In “The Imperfect Crime,” a nature audio recorder records Chip and Dale interacting with their new friend, a microphone with a chipmunk costume on it. Chip and Dale think they killed the fake chipmunk when the costume falls off the microphone and looks lifeless. They try to get rid of it, but it keeps coming back. The nature audio recorder finds the cover and brings the microphone cover back to life.

In “Nut Soup,” Chip makes Dale nut soup. All the other animals want to try some, but the soup runs out. Dale makes some more really quick, and all the animals like it better than Chip’s. Chip then tries his hardest to make a better soup than Dale, but it gets everyone sick. Chip leaves and comes back in a disguise to find out how Dale makes his soup so good, just to find out that Dale’s soup is actually from a soup can. The soup can is destroyed. So, the chipmunks have to work together to recreate the soup everyone loved, but everyone leaves to get roasted hazelnuts instead.

In “The Usual Nutspects” of Episode 9, Chip is collecting acorns when he finds two acorns that look like him and Dale. The girl chipmunk, the Godfather chipmunk and Pluto all go to the chipmunk’s house. When the power flicks on and off, one acorn is missing. Everyone is interrogated. First, the Godfather blames Pluto. Then, Pluto blames the girl chipmunk, and she says she put it back. When both acorns appear, they find out that they rolled away by themselves because a worm lived in each of them.

In “An Evening with Clarice,” the chipmunks are playing soccer when they see the girl chipmunk by herself. Dale sends her a note inviting her for dinner. When Dale invites her to stay longer, Chip isn’t the biggest fan of the idea of her staying longer and destroying things around their house. She takes Dale for a ride on her crow to go steal Butch’s bone. Dale leaves her, and when she goes back to their house and doesn’t see the chipmunks, she starts fixing things in their house. The girl’s crow saves the chipmunks from being eaten by Butch.

In “Craft Craze,” Chip tries to hang a picture with his toolkit. He uses the wrong tool and breaks the entire house, which even sends himself to the hospital. Chip still tries to fix things, but it continues not to work, and he get more and more injured. Chip still tries to tell Dale how to fix things, so Dale takes him to the furthest point away from their house so he stops telling him what to do. To Chip’s surprise, Dale was able to fix the entire house, but he wasn’t the one to fix it. It was the girl chipmunk.

In “Too Late to Hibernate” of Episode 10, it’s a hot summer day, and Dale wants to sit inside a cup of cold tea. Chip wants to hang out with him, so he keeps bothering him. Dale tries to convince him it’s winter, and that it’s time to hibernate. Chip gets hungry, and both go to get food in their winter clothes, Dale still trying to make it look like winter. Chip wakes up and see it’s already summer, and Dale never went in his tea bath. They go outside, and a snow cone machine explodes, making all the shaved ice go on animals and make them think it’s time to hibernate. Dale gets bored when Chip falls asleep to hibernate, but then both end up hibernating.

In “Sorry Nut Sorry,” Dale wakes Chip up with breakfast in bed and almost drops all of it everywhere. Chip kicks Dale out of the house, and Chip breaks the phone. However, he blames Dale and makes him pay to get it fixed. Chip continues to be mean to Dale, even though it wasn’t his fault. The girl chipmunk fixes the phone, and when it turns on, Dale sees a video of Chip breaking the phone so he tries to break everything in the house, but can’t. Dale ends up breaking the girl chipmunk’s tool, but she isn’t upset until they drop the rest in the pond.

In “Never Trust a Sausage,” the chipmunks break their couch and need to buy a new one. At Pluto’s yard sale, they find the perfect new couch, but it costs a sausage. The chipmunks go to steal a sausage and take it to Pluto, but Dale has other plans. Chip tricks Dale into seeing people on soft couches so he can give back the sausage. When taking the sausage to Pluto, Chip steals the delicious smelling sausage. The chipmunks fight until they both decide to trick Pluto with a balloon sausage while they keep the real sausage. However, both get sick from eating the real sausage.

Although not the most entertaining of Disney cartoons, many of the storylines are funny. The simple animation isn’t Disney’s best, but it seems to be great for these two chaotic chipmunks. The lack of dialogue can take away from some parts, especially knowing that they do talk and not only speak chipmunk.

Even though the two chipmunks are always causing some sort of trouble, the first season of CHIP ‘N’ DALE: PARK LIFE shows many moral and biblical principles. No matter how bad the chipmunks get in trouble, they nearly always learn and do the right thing in the end. They learn from their mistakes and try not to make the same exact mistake again, even though sometimes it can take a while for them to learn. The most important thing that Chip and Dale practice is their love for each other. Whatever trouble one causes, the other one will always be there to help and save them as best they can. There is no obstacle that can keep them mad or away from each other for too long because their love is too strong. Due to some immoral behavior of stealing and some cartoon violence, MOVIEGUIDE advises caution for younger children for Season One of CHIP ‘N’ DALE: PARK LIFE.

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Now more than ever we’re bombarded by darkness in media, movies, and TV. Movieguide® has fought back for almost 40 years, working within Hollywood to propel uplifting and positive content. We’re proud to say we’ve collaborated with some of the top industry players to influence and redeem entertainment for Jesus. Still, the most influential person in Hollywood is you. The viewer.

What you listen to, watch, and read has power. Movieguide® wants to give you the resources to empower the good and the beautiful. But we can’t do it alone. We need your support.

You can make a difference with as little as $7. It takes only a moment. If you can, consider supporting our ministry with a monthly gift. Thank you.

Movieguide® is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.