In GRAND CANYON, writer/director Lawrence Kasdan brings together an all-star cast to tackle complex, modern life issues with exceptional skill. Woven among various relationships (friends, married couples, and parent/child) is an exploration of the nature of societal evil, brevity of life and the possibility of miraculous interventions on our behalf by a benevolent Creator God. Drawbacks include the occasional use of intense language, brief nudity in a dream sequence, and two short but very convincing glimpses of surgery which may startle the unwary.


In GRAND CANYON, woven among various relationships is an exploration of the nature of evil, the brevity of life and miraculous interventions on our behalf. A number of story lines develop and crisscross seamlessly. Mack, a successful attorney, and his wife, Claire, struggle with their 15-year-old son’s impending autonomy. When Mack’s car breaks down, a tow truck driver named Simon saves him from a street gang. Meanwhile, Mack’s friend Davis is a movie producer victimized by violence. After years of producing slasher flicks, the tables are turned. Adding to Mack’s troubles is his secretary who tempts him with a affair. As the story unfolds, the characters ponder the possibility that divine appointments take place at life’s critical moments.

GRAND CANYON has a variety of meanings, one is the Colorado landmark as a reminder that a benevolent power, far greater than human effort, ambition or evil, is very much at work in the world. With excellent acting, writing and directing, GRAND CANYON is a superior, engrossing and satisfying film. Drawbacks include the occasional intense language, brief nudity in a dream sequence, a faint nominalistic undertone, and two short glimpses of surgery which may startle the unwary.


(LLL, VV, N, S, B) Though pointing toward a Creator God who intervenes in our lives, GRAND CANYON is weighed down by 50 obscenities & 3 profanities; man shot in leg, graphic views of surgery; female nudity; and, an adulterous relationship (discussed rather than shown).

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