Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.

What You Need To Know:

Much is known of Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize winner for his work in theoretical physics and the development on the atomic bomb, but not many know the story of his first love and marriage to Arline Greenbaum . In INFINITY, this sweet and touching romance allows one to touch the heart of a well-known physicist and experience his heartaches as he faces the imminent death of his beloved.


(Ro, B, L, S, A, D) Moral, romantic worldview of commitment & love between married couple despite impending death; 4 profanities & 4 blasphemies; no violence except the testing of the neutron bomb; implied sex between engaged couple; alcohol use; and, smoking

More Detail:

First time director, Matthew Broderick, known for his role in FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF and his gripping role in the epic film GLORY, also stars in his new movie INFINITY, demonstrating the love physicist Richard Feynman had for his wife Arline Greenbaum . They were college sweethearts who opened each others eyes. Their lives are challenged to deeper dedication when Arline is diagnosed with tuberculosis. Together they share a maverick spirit and built a relationship based on honesty. Prior to the Second World War, Feynman is offered a job in New Mexico to construct a bomb. Richard took Arline to a nearby hospital and visited her on the weekends. Their love and his study would last throughout the war.

Writer Patricia Broderick, Matthew’s mother, states, “We were first attracted by the honesty and humor, and imagination and gallantry with which Richard and Arline faced their lives.” This delightful film oozes with the virtue of true love and dedication to each other. They married even though she was inflicted with a lift threatening disease. Their love unwavering. The film captures the essence and beauty of true love. Although the film acknowledges that they had a premarital sexual relationship, it doesn’t glorify it. Nevertheless, it supports marriage and challenges the viewer to have strong character through adversity.

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