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Set in the often sordid environs of California’s Venice Beach, the film traces the hopes and shattered dreams of six very different individuals whose destinies, within the space of two nights and a day, intermingle and entwine.

On the run from her sadistic husband Joe, Rita takes refuge in the apartment of her cousin, Sara, her husband’s ex-lover. Through a series of coincidences, Joe tracks Rita down and seeks to inflict further violence. However, the community of eccentrics that Rita has met during her stay with Sara capture and punish Joe — not by killing him, or turning him over to the authorities, but by very logically obliging him to act out, against his will, the repressed desire which has motivated all his acts in the film.

The film has nothing whatsoever to offer except lots of foul language, adultery, nudity, and confused relationships which this community seems to foster. Please pray that JADED will never see the screen or vcr.

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