24 profanities and 69 obscenities, graphic murder and violence, female nudity, substance abuse, and an impaling.

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“I come in peace,” says an outer space humanoid alien possessing both Herculean strength and weapons of unparalleled power. At an undercover sting operation gone awry, L.A. Detective Jack Cain later finds one of those weapons, which uncannily has slit the throats of the heroin drug lord’s thugs.

Cain, who likes to follow his instincts, is assigned to the case with by-the-book FBI agent Smith. The two clash at first over procedure, but learn to work together as they go after the kingpin and heroin. The alien, meanwhile, in excruciatingly difficult to watch scenes, begins a killing spree in which he surgically extracts fluid from his victims’ brains.

From the pathologist, Cain and Smith learn that through an incredibly advanced technology, endorphines are surgically being removed, the hormones in the brain that stimulate feelings of euphoria which heroin causes to be released. At this point, another alien lands in pursuit of his own kind. Cain and Smith deduce he is in pursuit of an intergalactic drug dealer.

Wounded and dying, the good alien warns Cain and Smith to stop the trafficker. Before proceeding to do just that, Cain has to first save Smith from a murderous FBI superior who wants the alien technology for its military benefits. “Never trust nobody,” Cain tells his partner after blowing away the FBI superior. Then, it’s off to a reckless car chase down sidewalks and through department stores, as the alien pursues Cain and Smith for the endorphine drug, now in their possession.

An action sequence showcases alien fire guns ablazing and violent explosions before a final confrontation and a terrifying fight to the finish between Cain and the spaceman. Impaled, the alien meets his demise. Cain gloats, “You go in pieces,” in response to his “come in peace” statements, a lie not unlike one that of the devil.

It is interesting to note that what the Bible teaches about overcoming one stronger than you is quite different from the film’s representation. “In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man” (Mark 9: 27). Since Cain is a trafficker himself in the area of moral darkness, there is little hope in reality that he would be able to resist Satan. For Satan doesn’t fear our resistance to him, but rather our submission to God — that’s what makes him flee.

I COME IN PEACE is pretty much a failure, from the outer space alien who looks more like a TV wrestling star than anything else, to the violence that occurs throughout. There’s female nudity, FBI higher-ups are characterized as evil and the murder/hormone extractions are so terrifyingly graphic it is impossible to watch the screen. The number count on instances of profanity or obscenity are approximately 100. Subsequently, this is one movie you’ll want to avoid.

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