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What You Need To Know:

THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN, starring Eddie Murphy as con man Thomas Jefferson Johnson, makes fun of conniving politicians and uninformed voters as Johnson fakes his identity, gets elected to Congress and pulls off the ultimate con. Cinematography, direction and acting all combine to achieve an intimate, bright and almost cartoonish quality to this politically satiric and extremely funny movie that except for a number of obscenities and profanities and an unneeded, gratuitous sex scene, is very well done and an extremely funny, entertaining movie.


(B, LLL, S, C, M) Justice triumphs in this comedy with positive references to Christianity and Jesus Christ marred by 35 obscenities & 3 profanities; brief scene of fornication (no nudity) & sexual innuendo; and, bribery & confidence games.

More Detail:

THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN, starring Eddie Murphy as con man Thomas Jefferson Johnson, makes fun of conniving politicians and uninformed voters as Johnson fakes his identity and gets elected to Congress. Once in Congress, Johnson feels right at home with the other like-minded members of Congress in their deceitful and dishonest ways. However, his conscience is awakened through one of his constituents, and he finds himself going against not only powerful lobbying groups, but Congress itself. Johnson, in a clever TV denouement in which congressional malefactors are photographed and caught at their own game, exposes the evils of the system and aids his constituents against the huge power conglomerate.

THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN shows Eddie Murphy at his best with a minimum of offensive language–for him–(there are, however, 35 obscenities and at least 3 profanities) and only one gratuitous, unneeded sex scene. The movie exposes a painful truth: that of Congressional decadence along with a Machiavellian penchant for doing the expedient thing (the end justifying the means), instead of taking the decent and just action. The film also fits neatly into an extremely rare genre, that of true and well-done satire–a political one at that–and is reinforced by competent acting and excellent cinematography and direction, all of which combine to make the movie a genuine spoof of our political system.

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