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What You Need To Know:


Profanities and several obscenities; graphic murder and violence; female nudity and prostitution; blackmail; and,, drug abuse.

More Detail:

Violence has gotten so bad in Los Angeles by 2020 that a law has been passed to stem rising crime: no one may carry guns, not even the police. Officer Tucker, however, criticizes the department-issued tranquilizer stun guns as ineffective against the “crazies” to whom he’s assigned. Deemed a “renegade cop” because he wears dirty clothes and packs a real gun, Tucker uses it to kill a “psycho.” His superior orders that Tucker’s house be searched for the weapon.

A serial murderer emerges, and Tucker is assigned the case. An out-of-work chemist, Stillmore, is identified as the suspect, as well as a new drug he’s developed, code-named “umbra”. Stillmore proves difficult to apprehend because the umbra he takes neutralizes the tranquilizer darts and gives him an almost superhuman strength with the ability to keep going.

Blackmailing his ex-employer to furnish him with shipments of the drug, the crazed chemist proceeds to wipe out the wives and mistresses of the board members. Finally, Tucker unloads several rounds of live ammo into the drug-monger, and the film ends with the hope that a law will now be passed to give the police back their guns.

Frankly, the picture seems to have been shot in a week, edited with an axe and sound-mixed in the bed of a moving truck. The writing is bad and the acting inept, as incredibly dumb characters spend a lot of time being thrown violently around on very cheap sets that don’t in the slightest way resemble anything remotely “futuristic”.

Moreover, the film has a streak of demonized cinematography running throughout it. Who would find entertaining the sound of a man crying out in agony as he burns up alive, or a 12 inch knife covered with blood bearing down upon a terrified woman? With female nudity and several obscenities, it took a twisted mindset to deliver TWISTED JUSTICE.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Pray that box office justice will be sure and swift.