Media-Wise Viewers Beware: Provocative Super Bowl Halftime Performance Nominated for Emmys

Photo via Shakira’s Instagram

Media-Wise Viewers Beware: Provocative Super Bowl Halftime Performance Nominated for Emmys

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

 It’s an utter disappointment that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Superbowl Halftime provocative performance is nominated for multiple Emmy Awards.

I just heard from @JLo that we have four #Emmys nominations for the Super Bowl LIV HT show! That’s amazing. Thank you @TelevisionAcad and everyone who made this possible,” Shakira said on Instagram.

As media-wise viewers, it’s vital to assess the content of the performance.

Lopez and Shakira graced the stage in Miami in February 2020 to deliver their joint performance, but their costumes and their “hips [that] don’t lie” garnered over 1,3000 complaints for viewers.

KTLA5 reported:

Some of the complaints, which were sent to CNN by FCC officials and first obtained by WFAA, came from parents who felt their children were exposed to a “porno show.” Other adults thought the show encouraged sex trafficking.

For obvious reasons, Movieguide® didn’t support the pop divas’ performance.

Movieguide® previously stated:

If Movieguide® did a comprehensive analysis of Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, the performances would receive a -3 for excessive immorality, depicted promiscuity, sexual perversion, and sexual immorality. The show was not suitable for children and is at minimum considered excessive for adults.

The divisive show garnered extreme reactions from viewers, with some people labeling it as disgusting and offensive, while other people called it empowering and entertaining. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) said the show glorified sexual exploitation, which is especially alarming given how many people are trafficked during the big game.

While Hollywood continues to believe that sex sells, Movieguide®’s research shows just the opposite.

Despite the many disappointing Emmy nominations, there are a few glimmers of hope.

DOLLY PARTON’S HEARTSTRINGS: These Old Bones got nominated and took home Movieguide®’s Faith & Freedom® Award for TV earlier this year.

For all the bad in the entertainment industry, there is plenty of worthwhile, family-friendly content to celebrate and even award shows like the Movieguide® Awards that recognize faith values on screen.

Even more, this Halftime show nomination should encourage us to bend our knees in prayer for our broken world that has so drastically confused freedom with slavery.

Please join us in dwelling on the good, true and the beautiful (Phil. 4)

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