7TH HEAVEN’s Beverley Mitchell Has ‘Such Respect’ For Military Personnel After Competing On SPECIAL FORCES

Photo from Beverley Mitchell’s Instagram

7TH HEAVEN’s Beverley Mitchell Has ‘Such Respect’ For The Military After Competing On SPECIAL FORCES

By Movieguide® Contributor

7TH HEAVEN star Beverley Mitchell has a newfound respect for the military after starring in a new competition series, SPECIAL FORCES.

SPECIAL FORCES is a competition show where contestants are trained by military agents in the middle of the desert, undergoing mental and physical hardships. 

While Mitchell has “always had such respect for the military” and been “impressed” by their “resilience,” the actress didn’t fully understand how much they go through until she competed on SPECIAL FORCES. 

“I have the most respect for [the military agent trainers], and even when they were hard on us …. everything they say is calculated,” she shared. “There is a reason. If they’re calling us out or even if they call us names or whatnot, there’s a reason. They’re trying to bring us to a space in which we have to truly evaluate ourselves. It’s literally like having a crash course in therapy, but it’s, like, accelerated. It’s very fast.”

Mitchell added that her experience on the show was just a small bit of what actual members of the armed forces go through. She was able to “tap out” and “take a break” when things got to be too much — something members of the military are not able to do. 

“It’s a special type of person who can handle the pressure that they are constantly under,” the actress said. 

Mitchell said the show was “the hardest thing I have ever had to do,” but luckily, she had the support of friends and family to get her through. 

7TH HEAVEN co-star Jessica Biel was one of those supporters. 

​​”She was, like, doing all of her best to try to help me, make sure that I was OK. So Jesse has been along the ride from the get-go of me going. And so it was really fun for her to be able to really see what I did,” Mitchell shared. “To have that support, it just means everything. I mean, she’s like my sister.”

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