8 AMERICAN IDOL Alumni Using Their Talent to Glorify God

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Daigle via Instagram

8 AMERICAN IDOL Alumni Living For Christ

By Movieguide® Staff

The first season of AMERICAN IDOL premiered almost 20 years ago and has since helped many aspiring singers and artists break out into successful careers. Over 19 seasons, some of the most memorable and successful contestants on the singing competition show are also passionate about their faith.  

Here is a short list of Christian singers who live their lives for Christ:

Carrie Underwood:

Carrie Underwood won the fifth season of AMERICAN IDOL and has since become an icon in country music. However, Underwood’s faith has always been a part of her music. The artist recently released two Christian records, “My Gift” and “My Savior.” 

“This goes for everybody, everywhere… you are loved and you are wanted,” Underwood said in an I Am Second interview.

“There are some not-too-great things that happen in the world and happen within families,” Underwood continued. “We are all flawed and our flaws, I think, sometimes ripple out onto everybody else, but through everything, I want the people in my life that I love to know that they are loved by God. They are wanted. God wouldn’t have made any of us if He didn’t want us.

“I feel like that’s part of my purpose in the world. No matter who you are or what you’ve done or any of it, if I could just make everybody feel that they are loved, I feel like that’s my job. God has real, unconditional love for His children,” she said.

Phil Stacey:

In 2007, Phil Stacey finished No. 6 on Season 6 of AMERICAN IDOL. CBN reported: “Since then, he has continued his service to the Navy, toured with American Idol, done some music ministering tours, and released two solo albums.”

Stacey’s second album, “Into the Light,” mirrors the themes of Psalm 46: “The Lord is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.” 

“I think that’s an important message for us,” Stacey told CBN. “We need to understand that we do have a destination. My destination is heaven, and everything that happens until that point is just the journey in getting there. In this life, we’re going to have mountains and valleys and right now is a time when a lot of people are experiencing those valleys. I just want to reach out to them and tell them, ‘Take courage and know that God is still on the throne no matter what your situation is. He’s not shaken by it, He’s completely in control.'”

Lauren Daigle:

Lauren Daigle auditioned for AMERICAN IDOL in 2010 and 2012. Although Daigle was cut from the competition both times, she has since become one of the most successful Christian artists of the decade. 

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Lauren Daigle made history this month as her hit song “You Say” became the first song to spend 100 weeks on the Billboard hot song charts. 

Initially released in 2018, “You Say” stayed at the No. 1 spot on the Hot Christian Songs chart for over two years after its debut.  

“When I was a little girl, I would dream of moments like this. Upon hearing the news, I called my family. We laughed. We cried. We made jokes. We celebrated. I am so honored and want to thank all the people involved in achieving this accomplishment,” Daigle wrote on Instagram after receiving the honor.

“We have this saying in my team that’s called ‘Extend the tent pegs.’ And, it’s not to leave behind anybody that has listened to this music so far and that has been along this journey with me because I am 100 percent grateful. So, I don’t want to leave anybody behind…” Daigle told AP. 

Her outlook speaks to sharing the message of Jesus with nonbelievers while also ministering to the hearts of Christians continuing to pursue maturity in their spiritual walk. Daigle’s most popular song on the album, “You Say,” has 25 million views on YouTube and counting. Along with the acclaim on Billboard, God is definitely providing an avenue for the singer to share His truth.

Tori Kelly:

Tori Kelly competed on the ninth season of AMERICAN IDOL. After getting cut from the show and a record deal afterward, she a successful pop singer who does not shy away from sharing her faith. 

“I mean, my faith is just the foundation of everything, you know? It’s how I see the world, it’s me at the core,” Kelly told Vibe Magazine. “I think that even if I wasn’t doing music — although the music industry is really, really crazy — I think just as a person, [faith] just really grounds me and keeps me really confident. People are really important too, surrounding yourself with the right people, and having someone tell you when you’re getting a little crazy, is great as well.

“Just knowing that [faith is] my foundation, and being able to go into this crazy music industry, I’ll focus on the right things,” she added. “God loves me and created me exactly the way I am, he didn’t make any mistakes, and I can’t do this thing called life on my own.”

Jordin Sparks:

Jordin Sparks won AMERICAN IDOL in 2007 on Season 6. 

“Before giving my life fully to God, my life and my heart was only half in it,” she shared on Facebook. “I was lukewarm, which is pretty much the worst thing that you can do.

“After a while, my behavior made me feel like a zombie and I wasn’t sure of who I was and that wasn’t working for me. And it wasn’t until I was completely broken and torn that Jesus poured his love on me,” she added. “My life has changed dramatically and though I may still struggle with many things…they are getting better. I am different in so many ways such as having a peace that I have never had before in my entire life and a joy that nobody can take away.

“I want to encourage you to trust God with your life. He’s been so faithful to me and never abandoned me,” she continued. “I know He will do the same for you.” 

Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett:

The couple met one another in 2018 during their separate runs on season 16 of AMERICAN IDOL, married in October 2019.  

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Barrett also announced the release of her first Christmas track with her rendition of the timeless classic “The First Noel.”

“Christmas is one of my absolute favorite days of the year,” Barrett said. “My faith is the cornerstone of my life, so being able to share both with ‘The First Noel’ is a gift. I feel so blessed to do what I do every day, and I hope that this song adds something special to your holidays.”

Colton Dixon:

Colton Dixon placed seventh on Season 11 of AMERICAN IDOL.

Dixon and his wife, Annie, experienced a dramatic and terrifying moment when the couple welcomed identical twins Ava Dior and Athens Elizabeth into the world.

However, Dior was born without a pulse.

“We watched and we prayed as the doctors resuscitated our daughter right before our eyes,” Dixon said, noting that doctors were able to save Dior. “We’re so grateful.”

“Unexpected things happen in life all of the time. I think if they didn’t, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow our faith… this was one of those moments.”

“Time and time again, we’ve seen God show up and work in a really mighty way — and this was no different,” Dixon said.