BLACK PANTHER Star Letitia Wright Sees God’s Hand in Her Career

Photo from Letitia Wright’s Instagram

BLACK PANTHER Star Letitia Wright Sees God’s Hand in Her Career

By Movieguide® Contributor

BLACK PANTHER actress Letitia Wright is sharing how her faith journey led her to producing SOUND OF HOPE: THE STORY OF POSSUM TROT.

Speaking to Sadie Robertson Huff about her start in acting, Wright said, “I just started watching a bunch of films and started to be inspired, and I think that’s when I felt God’s intervention…I just stayed diligent with it, and God has done His thing, so there we are.”

“God was able to deposit in me quickly my purpose,” she continued but added that there were still challenges. 

Wright explained, “Things were happening for me, but I was never satisfied…I was so hard on myself if I didn’t achieve the things I wanted to achieve in the time that I set it in. I was really going off my own timeline, and God put a stop to that.”

She took a year-long break from acting and “just fell in love with Jesus.”

“And then, just in prayer, God was like, ‘You should go back to act,’” Wright recalled. “And I was like, ‘I don’t want to go back to acting, because I feel happy here, I’m safe here, just me and my Bible and You.’ [And] God was like, ‘No, you can step back into it because I’m with [you].’”

Wright returned to acting and started booking bigger and better roles, including BLACK PANTHER and DEATH ON THE NILE.  

“Everything that’s happening or has happened in my life thus far is just a result of positive thinking, prayer and manifestation of God’s will,” she said. 

Wright also spoke about her production company, where she wants to “make meaningful content with cinematic excellence.”

She said her latest project, POSSUM TROT, “really spoke to me.”

“I got to meet [Bishop and First Lady Donna Martin], see the family, see how their small seed of faith and dedication and sacrifice birthed a whole family,” Wright shared. 

SOUND OF HOPE: THE STORY OF POSSUM TROT “shares the true story of Bishop and First Lady Donna Martin, and their tiny Bennett Chapel church, in the town of Possum Trot in the woods of East Texas. Twenty two families linked arms and courageously adopted seventy seven of the most difficult-to-place children in the local foster care system, igniting a national movement for vulnerable children that continues today,” per Angel Studios, which distributed POSSUM TROT. 

Speaking about the movie’s themes in a trailer, Wright said POSSUM TROT asks viewers “how do we as a community, not only the church, but how do we rally everyone to step in for kids, because they are the future.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Wright’s hopes for the movie:

Actress Letitia Wright discussed her new faith-based movie, SOUND OF HOPE: THE STORY OF POSSUM TROT — the first project she has worked on behind the camera as a producer.

“So, SOUND OF HOPE: THE STORY OF POSSUM TROT, I saw this article in 2020 when I started my [production] company, and I was just moved by this family in Possum Trot who didn’t wait for anyone to kind of tell them what to do,” Wright told THE VIEW. “They just saw a need in their community, and they just provided that help. So [I was] inspired by them. I was like, yes, I would like to executive produce. They’re just a wonderful example of what we can do to help children.”

Wright hopes that the movie will encourage audiences to follow suit and consider adopting children of their own. With over 100,000 kids currently in the foster system, the actress hopes her new movie will help connect the most vulnerable kids with loving and caring families.

“Just taking a further look into the foster care system as a whole, just the need for safe homes and just for us as humanity to step up for children. I’m so grateful that this film came on my path because it just educated me,” Wright told ABC News.

“I feel like the main aim that I kept saying to my fellow producers was like, at the end of this film, if we have the hearts of people saying, I want to adopt. I want to care for the needs of a child, even if it’s only one [person] then we’ve made some type of a difference.”


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