Breaking: Nightbirde Dies at 31 After Valiant Fight With Cancer

Photo from Nightbirde’s Instagram

Breaking: Nightbirde Dies at 31 After Valiant Fight With Cancer

By Movieguide® Staff

Singer-songwriter Jane Marczewski, better known by her stage name Nightbirde, died on Feb. 19 at the age of 31 after battle with severe cancer. 

AGT host Terry Crews confirmed the news on social media on Feb. 21. 

“We are saddened to learn about @_nightbirde’s Passing. Our Condolences goes to her Closest Family & Friends in such of This difficult time. We Love you, Nightbirde,” Crews wrote on Instagram. 

Marczweski grew an extensive and loyal fan base after her Golden-buzzer performance on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT in June 2021.  

Movieguide® previously reported:

On June 8, Marczweski walked onto the stage with a smile as judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara posed their introductory questions.

Behind her joyful attitude, the 30-year-old Marcweski revealed that she was battling cancer in her lungs, lymph nodes, ribs, liver, and spine.

However, before singing an original song called “It’s OK,” Marcweski noted that her happiness is not rooted in her circumstances.

“It’s important that everyone knows that I’m so much more than the bad things that happened to me,” she told the judges.

Marcweski described the song as “a story of the last year of my life.”

Although Marcweski explained that she had only a 2% chance of beating her cancer this time around, she quickly added: “But 2% is not 0%. Two percent is something, and I wish people knew how amazing it is.”

After her performance, Nightbirde was met with a standing ovation.

Several weeks into the competition, Nightbirde announced her withdrawal from AGT to focus on her health. 

“Sharing my heart with the world on AGT has been an honor and a dream come true. My point of view this summer has been astounding. What a miracle that the pain I’ve walked through can be reworked into beauty that makes people all over the world open their eyes wider,” she wrote on Instagram. “Since my audition, my health has taken a turn for the worse and the fight with cancer is demanding all of my energy and attention. I am so sad to announce that I won’t be able to continue forward on this season of AGT. Life doesn’t always give breaks to those that deserve it—but we knew that already.”

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Nightbirde was an instant fan-favorite and inspired many through her candid but optimistic outlook on life fueled by her faith in God. 

“Call me bitter if you want to—that’s fair. Count me among the angry, the cynical, the offended, the hardened. But count me also among the friends of God. For I have seen Him in rare form. I have felt His exhale, laid in His shadow, squinted to read the message He wrote for me in the grout: ‘I’m sad too,'” she wrote in a blog post. “If an explanation would help, He would write me one—I know it… I remind myself that I’m praying to the God who let the Israelites stay lost for decades. They begged to arrive in the Promised Land, but instead He let them wander, answering prayers they didn’t pray. For forty years, their shoes didn’t wear out. Fire lit their path each night. Every morning, He sent them mercy-bread from heaven.”

Please join Movieguide® in praying for the friends and family of Nightbirde.

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