Christian Hip-Hop Artist Doesn’t Put Worshipping God ‘In a Box’

Photo from Steven Malcolm’s Instagram

Christian Hip-Hop Artist Doesn’t Put Worshipping God ‘In a Box’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist Steven Malcolm says scripture is “super vital” to his writing process. 

“Hip-hop absolutely can be considered worship,” he said in an interview with Worship Leader. “If not, then you’re putting God in a box.”

Malcolm continued, “I’ve been a witness of it, being a fatherless young man, from nothing, and now using my body and my life to worship and glorify the Lord, and I’ve seen it impact and change people’s lives, and it’s hip-hop. So yeah, it can be worship.”

When asked how he makes sure his faith is always evident in his music, he replied, “Living a life according to the Scriptures and actually walking with Christ…just being about this life, really walking what you’re talking.”

Malcolm also spoke about how scripture influences his writing. 

“It’s super vital,” he explained. “I’ve caught myself plenty of times reverting back to the text and just being able to interpret it in a creative way. That’s, I think, the blessing of being a rapper…we can take scripture and just use it metaphorically in certain ways.”

Malcolm concluded, “My heart is pointed straight to the Father, and look at what He’s done in my life…God took nothing and turned it into something.”

“Nothing Into Something” is the title of his latest single, off his album BOATS

“‘Nothing Into Something’ is the transformation record everybody in the world needs to hear,” Malcolm said of the song. “It’s the positive message the world is in need of right now.”

He continued, “This record was inspired by my cousin Joshua. He had been battling alcohol addiction for years, keeping him away from excelling in life, and even his relationship with his three kids. I saw him turn his life around, and now he is two years sober and counting. This record is for anybody who is fighting something that they need to overcome and need to hear a word of inspiration.”

Malcolm discussed BOATS in an interview with CCM, saying, “BOATS will take listeners on a journey to Away — an oasis built for the chosen and run by the redeemed.”

“Imagine a place where you become what it is you long to become,” he continued. “Imagine a place where your gift makes a way. Imagine a place where its beauty reflects the ones who protect it and its foundation is held together by the stories of the broken. Welcome to Away.”

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