DUCK DYNASTY Stars Share Spiritual Impact of Family Coming to Faith

Photo courtesy of Korie Robertson on Instagram

DUCK DYNASTY Stars Share Spiritual Impact of Family Coming to Faith

By Movieguide® Contributor

DUCK DYNASTY stars Willie and Korie Roberston recently shared how Willie’s family came to faith and the importance of being vocal about the gospel no matter where their career takes them.

“I feel like we need more believers and Christians in the workforce,” Willie said. “Not that ministers are bad, [they are] awesome. But we need more Christian business people, we need more Christian people in entertainment, Christians out there with that mindset. And not just sitting there saying, ‘we believe in Jesus,’ but having that ministry mindset and bringing that to the table.”

Willie also shared that he originally planned to attend seminary and become a pastor but now realizes that God called him to a different path to have an even greater impact through business and entertainment.

The Robertson family became international celebrities through their show DUCK DYNASTY, which aired 11 seasons from 2012 to 2017, and kept their faith in the spotlight, speaking about Christian topics and ending each episode with prayer.

“We believe that we’ve been called to an abundant life with the Spirit of God with us and in us. When we walk in a place, whether it’s Hollywood or your work or your dorm, we don’t need to tread lightly but tread lively,” Korie said, speaking to their outspoken faith.

Willie went on to speak about his father’s dramatic conversion to faith, without which Willie wouldn’t be where he is today.

Willie’s father, Phil, found Christ in a bar in Arkansas when a preacher drove across state lines to share the Gospel with him.

“If you look at the spiritual impact of that, with all the hundreds of millions of people all over the world who watched DUCK DYNASTY that ended in a prayer, prayers went into living rooms of people who didn’t even know what prayer was,” Willie said. 

“They were exposed to the Gospel. Look at the followers we have on social media and our kids. I can bring it all back to a bar in Junction City, Arkansas, with a little couple that no one would have ever dreamed,” he added. “For me, it continue[s] to inspire me to share my faith because we never know who those people are.”

The couple also shared some upcoming projects. They plan to release a new movie in September called THE BLIND, which shares the story of Willie’s parents.

Willie also shared that he is writing a book about sharing his faith, and the family is producing a musical, HIS STORY, which will launch this May in Dallas, Texas.

Movieguide® has previously reported on the Robertson family’s projects:

Fans of DUCK DYNASTY celebrated the recent announcement that the Robertson family will appear on the big screen! 

The movie, titled THE BLIND, will follow patriarch Phil Robertson and his experience living in the 1960s South. The story will navigate Robertson’s struggles with alcoholism and being a good husband and father. THE BLIND is being filmed in the family’s native Shreveport, Louisiana. 

The movie will be produced by Tread Lively Entertainment. The company previously worked with the Robertsons on their family’s podcasts. 

There is no set release date yet, but THE BLIND is expected to hit theaters some time next year. 

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