Erwin Brothers Renew Focus on True Stories: ‘You Can’t Argue with Transformation’ Christ Brings

Erwin Brothers Renew Focus on True Stories: ‘You Can’t Argue with Transformation’ Christ Brings

By Movieguide® Staff

The Erwin brothers are known for their uplifting and faith-based adaptations of inspiring true stories. This year, Movieguide® honored their most recent movie, I STILL BELEIVE, with the Epiphany Prize® during Movieguide®’s Movies That Inspire.

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Jon Erwin, who accepted the award, sat down with Movieguide® to discuss upcoming projects, including their biopic on footballer Kurt Warner starring Zachery Levi.

“Can you believe it? This is a practice venue for the Dallas Cowboys. And we’ve actually transformed it into the Rams because we’re making the Kurt Warner story, his story of going from being a stock boy at a Hy-Vee in Iowa to a champion and husband and father,” Erwin told Movieguide®. “It was his relationship off the field with Brenda and her son, Zack, who was blind, who then inspired him and gave him the courage he needed on the field. It’s just a great family story.”

Erwin continued: “We’re actually in the last few days, this is the big climactic end of the movie. And so we’ve come down to Dallas to do it here. It’s interesting making movies in a pandemic. I have my mask on all the time, but God’s providing, and it’s still great to be able to make films right now.”

The upcoming biopic harkens back to the Erwins’ first feature film, WOODLAWN.

“They say that a filmmaker finds their story and just tells it over and over again. And I do believe that God gives us unique gifts and a unique purpose. And it’s nice when you sort of find your song that you were born to sing,” Erwin said. “I think that the movie is great, another football movie like WOODLAWN, that was the first true story we did. And it just felt like we found our voice.”

Since breaking into Hollywood with their faith-based movies, the Erwin brothers have stuck to the true stories that depict people’s powerful transformation through faith in God.

“We’ve done, for whatever reason, nothing but adaptations of true stories. I just think that there’s such power in the truth,” Erwin said. “You just can’t argue with the transformation in someone’s life that Christianity brings, that the gospel brings.”

Erwin added: “When it’s true, it’s just all that more powerful. And I love it when someone watches the movies and says, ‘if that can happen to that person, maybe it can happen to me.’ In this case, if they can achieve their dreams, maybe I can too. And so we just we love inspirational, true stories.”

Despite the pandemic, Erwin said he is grateful for the chance to continue to make movies that will inspire and uplift audiences.

“There has never been a more powerful medium to reach more and more people globally,” Erwin said. “Jesus told stories, and it’s amazing the global reach of the stories that we can tell because of technology. So we should seize the moment and get in the game in Hollywood. And I’m excited to be a part of that. Just getting Christianity back in the entertainment business.”

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