How Amazon Plans to ‘Reimagine’ MGM Studios After Massive Deal

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How Amazon Plans to ‘Reimagine’ MGM Studios After Massive Deal

By Movieguide® Staff

After Amazon’s deal with MGM, which reportedly sold at $8.45 billion, the company looks to grow its streaming service. 

To discuss plans for Amazon Prime and a healthy library of new content acquired from MGM, Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke and her boss Mike Hopkins held a town hall meeting.

“They expressed how good this will be for Prime customers and growing their entertainment portfolio,” an employee who attended the hearing told The Hollywood Reporter. “And they intend to do theatrical. How this plays out relative to which titles is unclear.”

Hopkins revealed that Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Studios is still working through what they bought in the deal—including 4,000 movie titles and 17,000 TV shows which the company “plan to reimagine and develop.” 

Despite the deal, some industry experts predict that MGM will continue to work on movies for the time being. 

One example is the continuation of the James Bond franchise and the studio’s 2021 theatrical lineup. 

“Fox didn’t stop working on movies when Disney said it was buying them,” one producer said, according to THR. “The same will go for MGM.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the deal between Amazon and MGM: 

Amazon’s move aligns with the company’s increased focus on media and entertainment. The company’s streaming platform, Amazon Prime, boasts around 200 million subscribers. The acquisition of MGM would further boost the streamer’s appeal to consumers. 

MGM owns 4,000 movie titles, including popular titles and franchises like JAMES BOND, HOBBIT, ROCKY/CREED, ROBOCOP, and PINK PANTHER. The company’s library also includes nearly 17,000 episodes of scripted and unscripted TV series. 

Should Amazon close the deal with MGM, it would join the list of other media mergers such as AT&T and Time Warner, Disney and Fox, Warner Media and Discovery, and CBS and Viacom.


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