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How Jessica Simpson’s Children Bring Her Joy: ‘Family Is Everything to Me’

Photo from Jessica Simpson’s Instagram

How Jessica Simpson’s Children Bring Her Joy: ‘Family Is Everything to Me’

By Movieguide® Staff

Singer Jessica Simpson reflected on how important her family is to her and the joy that her children’s laughter brings her every day.

“When I hear my kids cackle, it’s the most healing sound,” Simpson told Shape. “It’s contagious — my whole family starts giggling together, and it’s like some form of happy laughing therapy.”

Simpson said that her three children — 22-month old daughter Birdie Mae, daughter Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, 8½, and son 7-year-old son Ace Knute — help her mental health.

Simpson, who recently authored a book titled Open Book, maintains that “family is everything” and that she wants to “teach them morals and values and to keep them safe but not afraid.”

The mother of three said that it is crucial to stay grounded after a “busy day of taking care of everyone.”

As her children grow, Simpson said she takes joy in seeing them interact with one another.

“It’s so cute to watch my older kids with [Birdie]. My son and her are like BFFs! The cutest,” Simpson told PEOPLE. “When Birdie is laughing, like cackling, that is a contagious thing throughout the family. Her first word was ‘Ace.'”

Simpson also said that during their time quarantine, she established a routine to pray with her children.

“I put my oldest daughter to bed every night and we pray,” Simpson said. “Once she falls asleep, I’ve realized what’s calmed her is that I start just Googling positive words and I just start talking and then she’s out.”

Movieguide® recently reported that Simpson entered her third year of sobriety:

As the 40-year-old singer, fashion designer, and actress approaches the three-year mark, she recalls the moment she decided to stop drinking. Simpson said she wanted to be there for her three children and saw how alcohol was hindering her from being the mother they needed.

“I was at that point in my life where my kids were growing older and they were watching every move that I made and I just really wanted clarity, I wanted to understand myself,” Simpson said.

…“I thought it was making me brave, I thought it was making me confident, and it was actually the complete opposite; it was silencing me,” Simpson said.