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How Peyton and Eli Manning Could Unite Americans Through New Football Commentary

Screenshot from NFL YouTube

How Peyton and Eli Manning Could Unite Americans Through New Football Commentary

By Movieguide® Staff

According to Wall Street Journal writer Jason Gay, former NFL Superstars Peyton and Eli Manning are more than set for their career after football. 

The brothers joined forces to co-host a segment on ESPN’s well-known broadcast, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. 

According to Gay, the duo’s “Manningcast” is one of the few non-polarizing parts about current culture and football. 

“The numbers bear it out, with ratings rising each week,” Gay wrote. “It’s by far the sports television story of the season, and, depending on how persuaded you are, either TV lightning in a bottle, the greatest football stunt since the flea-flicker, the end of play-by-play as we know it, or all of the above.”

“It seemed like a collective national moment. Within days, the Internet was awash in praise for the ‘Manningcast,’ with enthusiasm matching Lindbergh’s touchdown at Le Bourget,” the article continued.

Gay points out that the Mannings’ doesn’t rely on any gimmick but lets the brothers talk about what they know the best, football. 

The article reads

That’s really it. It’s just Peyton and Eli talking over a football game… But the camaraderie is really the sell.

It’s fresh, in all respects. To spend just a few minutes with the “Manningcast” is to be reminded how rote all but a few announcing teams are, not only in football, but across sports—the deadpan play-by-play voice narrating the action; the jock attaché babbling about what it all means.

The brother combo, according to Gay, will become a commodity for other networks trying to simulate the numbers that Peyton and Eli bring to ESPN. However, the chemistry between two brothers who both performed at a high level will be hard to copy.  

“I doubt they’ll have much luck. Peyton and Eli are sui generis for an obvious reason,” he wrote.

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