The LEFT BEHIND Question


The LEFT BEHIND Question

By David Outten, Production Editor

The new movie LEFT BEHIND poses the question “Are you ready?”

From a personal perspective that translates to, “If I died today, am I ready?”

Picture this. You’re in an airport. There’s a flight scheduled for Heaven and another scheduled for Hell. You have a ticket for Hell. Someone comes up to you and asks, “Jesus bought you a ticket for Heaven, would you like it?”

You have a choice. You can accept the ticket and board the flight to Heaven or you can say, “No thanks,” and take the flight to Hell.

Of course, the person who is ready for the death, is the one who accepts the ticket to Heaven and boards the right plane. The person who’s not ready is the one who rejects the ticket from Jesus or accepts the ticket and boards the wrong plane.

If you accept the ticket to Heaven and board the right plane, Jesus will be your pilot. On the trip to Heaven, Jesus will transform you. He’ll renew you mind. He’ll bring you closer and closer to God, revealing his wisdom and pouring out his love. The in-flight movie will be truly inspired and uplifting.

If you reject the ticket and board Satan’s flight to Hell, you may find the in flight entertainment stimulating but the cabin will get hotter and hotter as you approach your destination. The pleasures you enjoy near takeoff become addictions you can’t shake. The consequences of your pleasures become nightmares. By the time you arrive, you may think you’ve living in Hell already.

The truly sad case is the person who accepts a ticket from Jesus and boards the wrong plane. They’ll hold up their ticket and say, “I have a ticket to Heaven,” but they board the plane to Hell. They enjoy pornography and vulgar comedies. They delight in worldly pleasures. They’re not piloted by Jesus. They’re not transformed into a child of God. Their desires don’t change. Holding their ticket to Heaven, they live like slaves of Satan.

Jesus bought everyone a ticket to Heaven. He paid the price for the sins of all mankind. You can believe Jesus died for the forgiveness of your sins and reject that forgiveness. You can believe Jesus Christ is Lord and serve the Devil – that’s what the demons do. It’s called prideful egotism.

The ticket to Heaven is an amazing, undeserved, gift from God. Without it, the only flight available to you is the flight to Hell. You can’t buy a ticket to Heaven with all the good works in the world, but if you accept the ticket, you must be sure to board the right plane if you want Jesus to be your pilot and the Holy Spirit to be your engines.

The flight to Heaven is for those who decide, “I want Jesus to be my pilot, not Satan.” Those on a flight to Heaven aren’t perfect. They’re being transformed into the image of Jesus. They’re in process. Their heart’s desire is to be more like Jesus, and their behavior shows the fruit of transformation.

Ask yourself, “Is Jesus the pilot of my life? What direction is my life going? What choices am I making? Are my choices pleasing Jesus or Satan?” This even relates to entertainment choices. Who would be more pleased by what you watch, Jesus or Satan? Is it drawing you closer to the will of God or that of Satan? If you’re looking at pornography, it’s leading you away from joy and grace.

If you’re still breathing, you can change planes. You can cry out, “God forgive me,” knowing He has paid the price for that forgiveness, but you must repent. You must get off the plane piloted by Satan and get on the one piloted by Jesus. You don’t earn your way to Heaven by any amount of good works, but if you’re on the right plane the fruit of your transformation will be good works. You will make godly choices and do the will of God because Jesus Christ is your pilot.

To be ready for death, you don’t have to be perfect, but you should know in your heart that you’re on the right plane. You should have a peace in your heart knowing that Jesus is your pilot.

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