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Netflix Targets Sexually Explicit Content at Teens in SEX EDUCATION

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Netflix Targets Sexually Explicit Content at Teens in SEX EDUCATION

By Movieguide® Contributor

Netflix’s SEX EDUCATION, a hyper-sexualized teen drama, follows characters exploring their sexuality, and the show’s excessive nature makes it a near-pornographic experience aimed at minors.

The show depicts various sexual experiences and normalizes dozens of anti-biblical views of sexuality. Some scenes from the show include a girl fully exposing her breasts to a boy to entice him, rooms of sex toys and erotic art, continuous discussion of sexual acts described in graphic terms and nonstop sexual imagery—such as zooming in on male genitalia.

While the content of SEX EDUCATION is not as abhorrent as Max’s EUPHORIA or THE IDOL, Netflix’s continued production of the show is disturbing as it encourages teenagers to indulge in similar behaviors.

The teenage audience is particularly susceptible to influence by the media they consume because of their stage in life. Teenagers seek approval from their peers and are constantly worried about fitting in. Therefore, they are more likely to emulate the media they consume and are quicker to accept behaviors that the media portrays as normal.

Furthermore, a recent study from Stanford and the University of Massachusetts linked underage sexual content and pedophilia, while another study found that teens who consumed sexually explicit media were more likely to engage in sexually risky behavior.

Unfortunately, SEX EDUCATION is easily available on Netflix despite its TV-MA rating. Thus, Movieguide® encourages parents to have open conversations with their kids about the media they consume and guide them to choose wholesome content.

The Bible is clear that Satan will try to corrupt our souls to lead us away from God; we must be diligent and protect our hearts and minds from the world’s entrappings. People should seek out wholesome content rather than indulge in media that corrupts the mind and heart.

As Dr. Ted Baehr writes in The Culture-Wise Family: 

It is very important for families to understand that destructive sexual content is not just found in sleazy sex shops. Research has shown that the exposure of randomly selected male college students to sexually suggestive R-rated theatrical movies increases their aggressive behavior toward women and decreases both male and female sensitivity to rape and the plight of the victim. After viewing this type of material, both males and females judge a female rape victim to be less injured, less worthy and more responsible for her own plight.[viii]

Extensive research has been conducted on the aggressive pornography to be found in R-rated films. These movies are easily accessible to teenagers. Many of these movies are broadcast on cable TV. Many such movies show scantily clothed or nude females in sexually arousing situations being attacked, raped, tortured, etc. The research shows that male viewers can be conditioned by watching these movies into associating sexual arousal with inflicting injury, rape, humiliation, or torture on females. As Dr. Cline has noted, “Where these films are available on videotapes (which most are), these can be repeatedly viewed in the privacy of one’s residence and masturbated to with the associated risks of negative or antisocial conditioning noted above.”[ix]

This study, of course, has been made all the more frightening by the growth of internet pornography. As the internet grew from being merely a service for sending text data by modem into the primary video delivery method for the mass media of entertainment, its use for spreading pornography has become ubiquitous. The quantity, and high definition quality of, pornography has exploded and one of the results has been a growth in human sex slave trafficking. As the number of men driven to the depths of pornography soars, so too does the demand for “something more.”

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