New VeggieTales Movie Starring LarryBoy Coming in 2026

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New VeggieTales Movie Starring LarryBoy Coming in 2026

By Movieguide® Contributor

Big Idea Content Group and Kingstone Studios announced that VEGGIETALES is returning to the big screen in 2026 with a new movie starring the suction cup-eared superhero LarryBoy.

“VEGGIETALES is the absolute gold standard for faith-based children’s animation. We couldn’t imagine a better brand in providing a big screen treatment for kids than to bring LarryBoy and the cast of memorable VEGGIETALES characters back into theaters,” said Art Ayris, CEO of Kingstone Studios. “Kingstone focuses on epic content and Big Idea is the perfect partner for launching a new LarryBoy feature into theaters for families to enjoy worldwide.”

While details about the movie’s plot have yet to be revealed, the companies promise the story will follow the franchise’s canon with a whimsical story filled with catchy songs.

“LarryBoy is a fan favorite – who doesn’t love a superhero that has plungers on the side of his head?! The fans are always asking to see more of him. With LarryBoy in the lead role, we know we can deliver an entertaining movie for the whole family,” said Leslie Ferrell, Senior Vice President of Big Idea, Content Group Universal Pictures.

VeggieTales has found previous success at theaters with the release of JONAH: A VEGGIE TALES MOVIE (2002) and THE PIRATES WHO DON’T DO ANYTHING (2008), which, when combined, grossed over $39 million at the global box office.

“The VEGGIETALES franchise remains the most successful faith-based children’s series of all time, generating over $1.7 billion in retail sales,” K-LOVE reported.

Phil Vischer, the creator of VEGGIETALES, hopes that the release of a new movie can encourage others in the space to continue making faith-based children’s content.

“I’d love if something better came along because that would mean there was a vibrant industry,” Vischer said. “The fact that 26 years later, VEGGIE TALES is still the crowning achievement of Christian kids’ media isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

“The thing that concerns me about the volume of kids programs out there is that it’s mostly secular, and in all those thousands of hours of TV that our kids are consuming, they’ll never see someone set foot in a church or bow their head in prayer,” he continued.

“There’s the world where you go to church on Sunday and God exists, and then there’s the world of all your media where He’s gone completely missing. That has to have an impact of bifurcating kids’ worlds into the sacred, which is Sunday only, and the secular, which is the whole rest of the week,” Vischer added.

Vicher, however, remains optimistic about the future, especially with the recent rise of a new set of faith-based children’s outlets, including Minno and TruPlay.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Brent Dusing explained why he created his video game studio TruPlay and why it is important for Christian parents to give their children video games made with the Bible in mind.

“I think as Christians we’ve done a lot of movies, we’ve done a lot of music, we have certainly done a lot of books, but given that games are so much a part of our cultural fabric, we’ve got to be right there with excellence,” Dusing told Movieguide®.

Given that the average American child spends over 50 hours on screens a week, and much of that time is spent on gaming, many of their views on the world come from what they learn from these games. Dusing saw this as an opportunity to spread Biblical teachings in a major way.

“Over 60% of Americans that are 40 years old or more believe in God, which isn’t really that bad compared to a lot of countries, but only 31% of kids [in America believe in God]. And you zoom out and you say, ‘Wait, how did that happen?’ Well, you know, I don’t think it’s right to blame the church at all. What I blame is the rest of society and culture,” Dusing said.

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