Nickelodeon’s Michael D. Cohen Wants More Transgender Children in TV

Photo from Michael Cohen’s Instagram

Nickelodeon’s Michael D. Cohen Wants More Transgender Children in TV

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Nickelodeon HENRY DANGER star Micheal D. Cohen is at the forefront of the push for trans and non-binary children to receive prominent roles on television, regardless of skill.

Cohen is transgender and claims that while Nickelodeon welcomed him, there is still work to do to support transgender children on TV.

The actor recently launched the Trans Youth Acting Challenge, which allows transgender and non-binary youth to connect to directors and producers and eventually star on TV.

“By creating this opportunity for kids, who knows what it will bring to them,” Cohen said. “We’re giving them support and we’ll see what that does for them. I think it can only do positive things, because they’re getting that support, they’re getting respect, they’re getting the messaging that they’re important.”

Cohen added, “If I had known about this as a kid, it would have been life-changing for me. This is inclusion, to include someone who would not be normally included.”

Cohen said he is proud of Nickelodeon for its move to promote the transgender agenda in media.

“It makes me feel good to know that I work for a network that stands by its values, and that those values are in line with my own,” he says.

Recently, children networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network have promoted values contrary to the Bible and what God tells us about gender and sex.

The entertainment industry has conflated inclusivity and morals in the past. However, it is especially disheartening for children to be the victims of a movement that neglects the Bible and indoctrinates children through the media’s perversion.

It is almost self-evident that the industry’s agenda is discriminatory.

Cohen confessed that it is not the most skilled child actors that should receive parts in the shows but the ones who meet specific criteria.

“Some kids may come with skills, some kids may not come with skills. But we’re really looking for kids that have a passion for acting, that show potential, that can be themselves on camera and have a desire to move in that direction,” Cohen said.

Cohen claims that offering children these opportunities allow them to learn more about themselves. “I know what it feels like to feel radically inauthentic. And that helps my acting and understanding different points of view,” Cohen said. “I approach it like, yes, I really, really want to know what it’s like to be that other character, but my only way to do that is to dig deeper into myself.”

Movieguide® wants to share uplifting material that will help children not look within themselves, as Cohen suggests, but to look outside of themselves to their Creator. When it comes to identity, Movieguide® is adamant about media discernment. What we watch and what we let our children watch has a significant effect on how we see the world.

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