One of Hollywood’s Great Villains Goes Home to Glory

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Actor John Quade, who passed away Aug. 9, was one of Hollywood’s great villains. And, he was a good friend of the Christian Film & Television Commission®. He spoke at our fundraising banquets and blessed us in innumerable ways.

John contended that being a Christian helped him to be a better villain, because he understood from the Bible and personal experience the dark side. He was Clint Eastwood’s favorite nemesis during the HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER, EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE and OUTLAW JOSEY WALES phase of Eastwood’s career.

John liked to tell the story of being called in by his agent to read for an important role. John looked at the script and started walking out. The agent ran after him, saying, “John, you’re perfect for this role.” John said, “I don’t have to use bad language to play a bad guy.” And, John never did use bad language to play a bad guy.

John felt he had a face for villainy, but those who knew him knew he had a heart of gold. A very intelligent man, he had studied physics at college and continued to be a part-time physicist throughout his life. He was deeply interested in theology and loved Cornelius Van Til.

While all of us who remain behind will miss John, Heaven is rejoicing as he regales the saints with great stories and insights into the grace of God.

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