Phil Robertson Reminds Fans ‘The Lord Won’t Give Up On You’

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Phil Robertson Reminds Fans ‘The Lord Won’t Give Up On You’

By Movieguide® Contributor

As THE BLIND begins its streaming debut, Phil Robertson reminded fans that they can turn to God no matter what they may have done in the past.

“If you’ve seen my story in THE BLIND, you know what I did to my family all those years ago,” he said. “I rebelled against God every way I could. Commode-hugging drunkenness, lust, greed, anger – I knew them all to well. I let the enemy of my soul tempt me to become my own god, and for a long time, I didn’t know how to find my way back.”

“If not for Miss Kay and Jan refusing to give up on me, I don’t know where I’d be,” Robertson continued. “The Lord won’t give up on you either, no matter what your past looks like. It’s amazing that we miss that.”

“I obeyed the Gospel at 28. I repented and asked for the Lord’s forgiveness and mercy, and you know what He did? He gave it to me – along with eternity,” he continued. “50 years later, I said ‘yes’ to telling my story in THE BLIND movie, and now thousands are finding that same hope in Christ…know that the Lord can forgive your sins and set you free too.”

Robertson’s story is told through THE BLIND and holds nothing back in its depiction of his life before he became a follower of Christ. That, however, makes it all the more powerful, knowing where Robertson would end up once he began to live a Gospel-centered life.

“It’s hard to watch my spiral of sin and shame in our movie, THE BLIND,” Robertson added in another Instagram post. “I could’ve easily ended up dead in a ditch, leaving Miss Kay and the boys to deal with the mess I left behind. But that freedom I was looking for? It was only in Jesus that I was truly set free. Now, I’m a new creation in Christ.”

While the movie explores the darkest parts of the Robertsons’ story, the couple believes it will help others find God.

“I still dream about it. Like you know, the bad. And then I’m so glad I wake up because then that’s not true,” Miss Kay told the Washington Examiner. “We wanted to help people, and I know for a fact that’s what the film is doing. It’s helping people, and that was the main goal behind the movie. And I’m excited about that. I really am.”

Part of Movieguide®’s review reads:

THE BLIND refers to a duck blind where his friend, Al, and Phil Robertson are hunting in 1985. Phil tells Al his Christian testimony. The movie cuts to 1958 when Phil is a little boy. Phil’s father worked in the oil fields, away from home for long periods. As a youngster, Phil goes hunting and fishing to bring food home for his family. Phil’s mother has psychotic experiences where she just gets angry at everything and is hauled off by police several times. Phil’s only blessing is Kay. They know in high school they’re destined for each other. Phil gives up a football scholarship to marry Kay. His excessive drinking leads to a downward spiral. Kay gives Phil an ultimatum, but can he change?

THE BLIND is a good movie as a Christian testimony. That said, it doesn’t follow the rules of filmmaking. So, it may not win a big audience. The movie is propelled by the jeopardy, and vice and drinking, but Jesus is extolled . THE BLIND is a rough movie. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution, especially for children and young teenagers.

THE BLIND is now available on Apple TV, Prime Video, YouTube and Vudu. The movie made over $16 million during its box office run.

Movieguide® previously reported:

DUCK DYNASTY’s Phil Robertson is celebrating the massive success of his biopic THE BLIND, Fathom Events’ highest-grossing release ever. 

“They told me people don’t go to the theater to watch hard stories like THE BLIND these days. Well, my story is about as messy as they come, but I said if just one person gets to know Jesus in that theater, it’s worth it,” Robertson posted on Instagram. 

He continued, “Turns out THE BLIND is reaching a mighty throng of individuals, and Hollywood is taking notice that this is a message you want to hear: You’re never too far gone. God can reach you wherever you are and no matter how dark things have gotten. And however hopeless you feel, there is always hope in Jesus.”

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